Silent Witness

Season 16 Episode 10

Greater Love, Part 2

Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2013 on BBC

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  • Powerful Ending; Lame Episode.

    This episode takes itself far too seriously. It desperately wants to win some kind of award, and the result is an overwrought and morally heavy-handed story. Leo, Nikki and Jack investigate the death of a British soldier in Afghanistan. Why? It doesn't really matter. It would never happen in real life. The three of them come across as naive, ignorant and angry. They don't understand the landscape or the war, but it doesn't matter, because they're white, they're British, and they're prepared to relentlessly flaunt their morally superiority. They end up looking like fools.

    Early in the story, Jack gets out of the car in a heavily militarised area. The British soldiers charged with his security shout at him to get back in the car, but like a macho idiot he just stands there. Nikki shouts at everyone, Afghan & British, because she thinks she has a better grasp of justice than all of them. In fact, the word "justice" is seriously overused in this ep. Leo says ""justice isn't an absolute!" and Nikki says "It is if you make it so!" Ugh. There's a lot of talking, a lot of moralising, and a lot of self-righteous drivel about east versus west, suicide, war, violence, religion, fundamentalism, the death penalty, the Taliban and the nature of truth. Whatever the problems of the modern world are, these three British pathologists are going to solve them by jumping up and down and shouting at the people they find in Afghanistan.

    The story itself, despite being a bit of a stretch, had the potential to be engaging. The twist at the end is exciting and shocking. But this episode is simply trying too hard. It's not believable, it's not satisfying, and for a crime drama, it's guilty of seriously overreaching its scope.

  • silent witness

    I cannot believe Leo was killed off in this episode and Tom Ward no longer in Silent Witness its not going to be the same.
  • Silent Witness

    This is a wonderfully compelling series. Beautifully acted and directed - with all the 'ends' tied up well in each story. I had my hand over my mouth during the last episode as I found it so exciting - and sad. Looking forward to the new series, although I wish some of the old cast were included.
  • Series finales with traumatic ending