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  • Silent Woeful

    Watched all the episodes so far, they just get worse. Poor story lines, hard to follow dialogue in short a shambles of a production. Over ran its time, the last episodes with the drug smuggling and under cover police was so poor, it took a lot of effort to stay awake.

    Really is time to silence this series it has definitely run out of steam. Emilia Fox deserves better than this, probably Amanda Burton saw the upcoming scripts and left before this rubbish was produced.
  • Silence silent witness

    Simply bad. Please stop using broad regional accents in noisy places. Can't understand them or the plot. It is discourteous to people with hearing problems and those without.

    Lots of silly women overacting, running around like headless chickens. This series has run its course - time to put it and EmiliaFox and co to bed.

    WOW. Wasn't Falling Angels good? I mean really good. I totally agree with good actors/actresses. I checked out who played Owen and it was Tim Roth's son Jack. The Lana girl was excellent too, didn't quite catch the surname but Leila someone. Jack must have got some tips from dad in playing menacing.

    The music on the rooftop was the brilliant too. It was James Blake "Retrograde".

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy watching Silent Witness the actors/actresses are brilliant as well as the story lines.

    I think Silent Witness needs to be nominated for the best TV programme ever
  • Silent Witness

    Silent Witness is, put simply, a brilliant show. Not only are the plots very honest, the bodies realistic and the acting quite good but the characters are fantastic. This is a show that isn't afraid to say that crimes aren't always solved, the right people aren't always put in jail, your favourite characters aren't always in love and England isn't the good guy all the time. The characters are witty, funny, intelligent and kind but also stubborn, untrusting and sometimes almost awful people. Not only are they in-depth characters with flaws but they are all very different and have wonderful chemistry.

    For me, the most stand out feature of the show, asides from the characters, are the endings. In most crime dramas the episodes end not only with the bad guy being caught and put away for a long time but society seems almost to have changed. Gang wars have been stopped or racism has lessened. In silent witness it is a common occurrence that the 'bad guy' isn't put away for what we feel is a just amount of time, we see that despite the fact that a murder has been solved there will continue to be bloodshed.

  • Stiffs on and off the slab

    The new series is just being shown in Australia and I turned off to checked reviews and see if anyone else thought the acting was wooden - which they do. What is going on? The actors just seem to be reading their lines. We have plenty of that with Australian TV productions - reasonably good plot but stiff as a board. Is it the script, the directing or the actors?
  • Erm ...

    just watched the episode of the new series of Silent Witness or was it the woodentops? some of the acting was simply that wooden. It does take a lot to move me to comment but that was awful
  • Help me settle an argument

    Have just watched 'legacy' and my husband believes the building where the bodies were found is rossendale hospital my friend disagrees who is right
  • If i was mudered il'd want these three to try and catch my killer

    I must say the original series of the show with amanda burton as sam ryan i didn't like i just hated sam ryan as a character and had avoided the show, however recently a friend made me watch it when we were watching tv and i absolutly love it, i love harry, nicki, and leo i like the cases they investigate now, and the writing and the storylines they show are so much more intresting than the ones they showed before, the investigating is done well the science is intresting and the bosies always look so real, i don't know how any one could'nt love it can't wait till the next season.
  • Such a brilliant show, probably my favourite BBC programme!

    I absolutely love this show. The idea of the body offering up clues and therefore helping to solve the case enthralls me. I also think the characters of Harry, Nikki and Leo are fantastic. They bring their own sense of humour into the show, especially Harry, which lightens an otherwise dark programme. Harry and Nikki's somewhat complicated relationship is another factor that draws the viewer into the show. The sexual tension flies between the two, even if they refuse to see it. You can tell that they are more than friends by their actions towards each other, not to mention the playful banter and innuendo. For example, in the last episode of series 11 when Nikki nearly gets killed (but rescued by DI Mays at the last minute), she returns to the lab and Harry immediately walks up to her and hugs her. He then asks her if she's okay, and she tells him that the doctor had a look at her. Harry then replies with "Lucky doctor". That sentence speaks volumes if you ask me! Anyway, the show is utterly amazing, and I cannot wait for series 13 this autumn!
  • True British Crime Drama

    I started watching 'Silent Witness' when it first aired in Finland back in the late 90's and so far I've seen the first eight seasons. I was fascinated by the idea of a woman pathologist and as I saw the first few episodes I knew I was hooked. In true British fashion, displaying dead bodies without covering them up much unlike in US shows, to the point of being gross, but it also adds to the reality of it all. I also think that comparing 'Silent Witness' to shows like CSI etc. is not right. From what I've seen of SW, it's very different and definitely on a different level altogether from other crime shows. Though the show most definitely focuses on solving the cases, it also adds just enough of drama and depth for the characters to keep you hooked. In fact, with her infuriating stubbornness, dry sense of humor and a tragic past Sam Ryan to me was the best feature of the show (until season eight, anyway) so much so that I still miss the character.
  • Those who cannot speak of their death, now tell stories

    It is a unique show. It's not fake, it is like it is. And, i like it more because it's a British show. Their accent brings a special touch to episodes. Sam Ryan seems to be the only one taking care for the dead. It is absurd knowing that a million of people dies every day, but we know the truth of only half of those cases. For some, we shall never find out the truth. This show is about that truth. Seeking the truth where a few could seek. Sam is reading a thoughts of those who cannot speak, those to whom is done great injustice. I like this show too, because it is representing the world as it is. There are no cop heroes, as in American shows. They are all as they are. Nothing is only black or only white. Even the main character has it's own weaknesses. But...Of course there must be some mistakes. The main character is leaving. And, off course the show is not the same. There the magic stops. The show is running on still, but without the Sam, nothing is the same, it's just not deserving to be given a 10.
  • The show that is starting to get it's spark back, Silent Witness!

    This show started off really well. But as with all shows it has its hiccups, problems and good episodes. Sometimes the writers go a little over the top and send us all to bed in the middle of it. But in the more recent episodes the show seems to be getting back on track and becoming more believable. Thankfully the writers have kept us on the edge of our seats and not sent us to sleep during the new episodes. It no longer is trying to be CSI and is staying the through and through British program that it started out as. Yes it's true that for a while it was completely lost but I'd like to say WELCOME BACK to Silent Witness.
  • A good show

    Silent Witness is a good show but is very alike CSI in some ways now and you get the impression that they are trying to make the show more like CSI. This does not really work for Silent Witness as it is set in England not America and the way it works in America concerning murders is totally different to how it works in England concerning murders. However, if they kept the show as it is then it would still be a very good show. It is a decent show but it is verging on trying to become like another CSI show which it shouldn't.
  • Different from "CSI", but good in its own way.

    The first thing viewers of both "Silent Witness" and any of the many American crime shows that are out there on our silver screens do it compare the two shows. The American shows are slick and glamorous and have a much faster pace than "Silent Witness", which is not so glamorous and slick. The 'CSIs' wear protective white suits, for one thing; not a good look (can you imagine Catherine's face if Grissom announced that they were going to have to wear them?!). It's slower pace allows for more character development as well, which is one of "Silent Witness"'s good points, even though it makes the show less gripping. "Silent Witness" is different from "CSI" but good in its own way.
  • I liked it originally, but now its tring to hard to be CSI.

    The first few seasons, it was great, then along came CSI and showed us what a real crime drama was. But it was still really good to watch. Then with the introduction of the blond who is trying too hard to be a clone of Calleigh (no offence, I really like Calleigh). But while Calleigh comes across as a sympathetic, tough, know-it-all, Nikki Alexander comes across as just a know-it-all. Then the latest series...wasn't the swapping murders thing already played out by CSI in "A Night at The Movies" and this quote that came up also seemed familiar "He said she could always say stop" which most people would atribute to Grissom and Lady Heather came up while interrogating a suspect on Silent Witness. It needs to sort itself out with decent storylines that don't parrot CSI's second season.