Silent Witness

Weekdays 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Feb 21, 1996 Between Seasons





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  • Those who cannot speak of their death, now tell stories

    It is a unique show. It's not fake, it is like it is. And, i like it more because it's a British show. Their accent brings a special touch to episodes. Sam Ryan seems to be the only one taking care for the dead. It is absurd knowing that a million of people dies every day, but we know the truth of only half of those cases. For some, we shall never find out the truth. This show is about that truth. Seeking the truth where a few could seek. Sam is reading a thoughts of those who cannot speak, those to whom is done great injustice. I like this show too, because it is representing the world as it is. There are no cop heroes, as in American shows. They are all as they are. Nothing is only black or only white. Even the main character has it's own weaknesses. But...Of course there must be some mistakes. The main character is leaving. And, off course the show is not the same. There the magic stops. The show is running on still, but without the Sam, nothing is the same, it's just not deserving to be given a 10.