Silent Witness

Weekdays 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Feb 21, 1996 Between Seasons





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  • True British Crime Drama

    I started watching 'Silent Witness' when it first aired in Finland back in the late 90's and so far I've seen the first eight seasons. I was fascinated by the idea of a woman pathologist and as I saw the first few episodes I knew I was hooked. In true British fashion, displaying dead bodies without covering them up much unlike in US shows, to the point of being gross, but it also adds to the reality of it all. I also think that comparing 'Silent Witness' to shows like CSI etc. is not right. From what I've seen of SW, it's very different and definitely on a different level altogether from other crime shows. Though the show most definitely focuses on solving the cases, it also adds just enough of drama and depth for the characters to keep you hooked. In fact, with her infuriating stubbornness, dry sense of humor and a tragic past Sam Ryan to me was the best feature of the show (until season eight, anyway) so much so that I still miss the character.