Silent Witness

Weekdays 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Feb 21, 1996 Between Seasons





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  • Such a brilliant show, probably my favourite BBC programme!

    I absolutely love this show. The idea of the body offering up clues and therefore helping to solve the case enthralls me. I also think the characters of Harry, Nikki and Leo are fantastic. They bring their own sense of humour into the show, especially Harry, which lightens an otherwise dark programme. Harry and Nikki's somewhat complicated relationship is another factor that draws the viewer into the show. The sexual tension flies between the two, even if they refuse to see it. You can tell that they are more than friends by their actions towards each other, not to mention the playful banter and innuendo. For example, in the last episode of series 11 when Nikki nearly gets killed (but rescued by DI Mays at the last minute), she returns to the lab and Harry immediately walks up to her and hugs her. He then asks her if she's okay, and she tells him that the doctor had a look at her. Harry then replies with "Lucky doctor". That sentence speaks volumes if you ask me! Anyway, the show is utterly amazing, and I cannot wait for series 13 this autumn!
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