Silent Witness - Season 10

Weekdays 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Feb 21, 1996 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Schism, Part Two
    Schism, Part Two
    Episode 10

    Harry makes his own attempts to find Nikki and another woman who have been kidnapped by animal activists. Leo has to testify at a medical council hearing into a close friend's research.

  • Schism, Part One
    Schism, Part One
    Episode 9

    The body of a teenage girl who was tortured to death is found at a London dogs' home, and it soon emerges that another young woman is being held by the culprits. It is soon discovered that they are a violent team of animal activists who are seeking to destroy an experimentation facility. But the case becomes more complicated when Nikki is kidnapped at gunpoint by the group leader and it soon becomes a race against time to find them.

  • Supernova, Part Two

    A further murder on school grounds leads Leo to uncover a sinister pact. Nikki establishes that her elderly victim died of hypothermia, but the case is more complicated than it appeared at first glance.

  • Supernova, Part One

    Leo's memories of losing his own daughter cause problems in his current case, which is to investigate the apparent suicide of a 14 year old girl, Alison Garland. With the help of a psychologist they realise that Alison was murdered and the case seems to be related to the one Harry is working on, where a car salesman was stabbed to death with the same knife. As Harry delves into the teenage world he begins to suspect the school rebel named Fish. Nikki's case of a death of an elderly woman Kay appears to more complicated than it was at first glance. While Kay's son, Robert, demands justice, Nikki finds that the truth is more surprising.

  • A Body of Work, Part Two

    Harry forces Nikki to re-examine Penny's body. A further death in the Harris family helps the pair to identify the killer. Leo is puzzled by more contrary clues to the artist's bizarre death, but is able to show how the prime suspect was framed.

  • A Body of Work, Part One

    When an ex girlfriend of Harry's, Penny Harris, is brought into the mortuary, it is set to Nikki to find out how she died in an unusual car accident, putting a strain on a relationship between herself and Harry. The case looks like suicide at first while DCI Ambrose finds out that Penny might have been having an affair. Nikki's post mortem produces a devastating revelation for Harry. Leo investigates the death of an artist, Jimmy Triangle, which looks like a staged apparent suicide. An anonymous video puts art critic Seth Jewell in the frame. But Leo isn't convinced and he starts to realise that this death is an artwork in its own right.

  • Terminus, Part Two
    Terminus, Part Two
    Episode 4

    A high-powered salesman collapses and dies at his desk; what was in his cup of coffee? Meanwhile a bus driver discovers the last passenger on his bus is not asleep but dead - is it natural causes or not? And a famous footballer is found dead with a noose around his neck; why was he so distracted and "out of it" for the last week of his life?

  • Terminus, Part One
    Terminus, Part One
    Episode 3

    There are three major murder investigations so the team is split. Harry has the job of dealing with the hit-and-run accident, whilst Leo investigates a woman's death because of a fire. Meanwhile, Nikki is left to investigate a bride-to-be collapsing and dying on her hen night.

  • Cargo, Part Two
    Cargo, Part Two
    Episode 2

    As the team sets set out to discover who is responsible for these people-trafficking operation, they begin to learn more about the victims' tragic stories. The dead people are a Chinese couple who were fleeing their home because they weren't allowed to have a second child, an African political activist and a young Albanian man whose brother was granted asylum. As they get closer to the Chinese gang behind the operation, Nikki comes to realise that the Chinese couple's six-year-old daughter may still be alive on the Thames marshes.

  • Cargo, Part One
    Cargo, Part One
    Episode 1

    Four bodies are found in the Thames after a boat crashes which was packed with illegal immigrants. Nikki, Leo and Harry realise that they are dealing with a people-trafficking operation which has gone tragically wrong. They set out to discover whether there are any survivors of the crash or more bodies, and who is responsible for these crimes.