Silent Witness - Season 12

Weekdays 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Feb 21, 1996 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Finding Rachel, Part 2

    It's established that the bones aren't those of the missing doctor. Nikki fauls foul of the local authorities when she carries out an unauthorisd post mortem examination. Leo arranges to re-test the local water supplies.

  • Finding Rachel, Part 1

    Rachel Harrington's bones are found in Zambia, and her father asks the team to investigate her death as he doesn't believe the local police's claim that she was killed by wild animals. Rachel had been accusing the government of a cover-up over health issues. The initial examination shows evidence of multiple stab wounds, and so the explanation seems obvious - but as they investigate further, they discover the government weren't the only ones that Rachel threatened.

  • The Lost Child, Part 2

    The mutilated corpse of a known paedophile is discovered, and the team establish a link with both the headmaster and the schoolboy's stepfather. Leo and Harry try to identify the source of the toxin found in both bodies, hoping it will lead them to the elusive Liam.

  • The Lost Child, Part 1

    The half-naked body of a twelve-year-old boy is found in a ditch near his school, and the investigation brings Nikki into contact with one of her former teachers, who is now the headmaster. Signs of suspected abuse are found on the boy's body, and then when one of his friends disappears, they fear the worst. Now under pressure from the police to produce evidence, the team must find the clues from the dead in order to prevent further murders.

  • Judgement, Part 2
    Judgement, Part 2
    Episode 8

    Following the discovery of the body of a second Hasidic Jew, Harry finds evidence implicating a third, but a re-examination of all the DNA evidence casts doubt on this. Leo tries to prove that the student had been given a date-rape drug.

  • Judgement, Part 1
    Judgement, Part 1
    Episode 7

    A Hasidic man is found murdered, his body badly decomposed found on disused wasteland, and soon Harry gets drawn into the investigation. The clues suggest a horrific anti-Semitic attack, committed by a Polish labourer, but soon holes start to appear in his wife's story, causing Harry to become suspicious. Meanwhile, Leo is investigating the death of an Australian backpacker, who died at a house party and the partygoers claim a drug-related accident, but there are marks on her body which suggest something sexual, and Leo strives to unravel the truth.

  • Terror, Part 2
    Terror, Part 2
    Episode 6

    Harry identifies the unknown victim as an undercover police officer. A recreation of the shooting helps identify the killer.

  • Terror, Part 1
    Terror, Part 1
    Episode 5

    Two suspects and a police officer are killed in an armed raid on a suspected terrorist cell. Nikki's findings suggest it to be a bungled raid where innocent lives have been lost, and people soon start to shift responsibility. Nikki manages to ingratiate into the police armed response unit to try to uncover what went wrong, facing hostility along the way.

  • Death's Door, Part 2

    Holly has been murdered, and police believe that there is a connection to the death of the former journalist. The Russian oligarch arrives in the UK and claims that he is the true target. Harry is suspicious of the SIO, and pursues his own lines of enquiry.

  • Death's Door, Part 1

    A woman is found dumped on the side of the road, with her face having been removed. Nikki reconstructs the victim's face, but the team cannot work out why it would have been removed in such a careful way. Meanwhile, Harry is acting as mentor to Holly, a young medical student, who soon stumbles upon a link to a dangerous Russian criminal.

  • Safe, Part 2
    Safe, Part 2
    Episode 2

    While doing community service Leo finds himself in the middle of a gang war on a tough London estate. The police are trying to stop the gang killings but no-one is talking. Leo tries to get the kids to open up to him.

  • Safe, Part 1
    Safe, Part 1
    Episode 1

    Leo is caught drink-driving and is required to do community service, and finds himself on a tough London estate, where he becomes caught up when a gang member is found stabbed. Meanwhile, Nikki investigates the death of a teenage girl at a fun fair.