Silent Witness - Season 13

Weekdays 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Feb 21, 1996 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Home, Part 2
    Home, Part 2
    Episode 10

    Nikki confirms that the remains include those of the five missing men, and suspects that the sixth might be the son of her childhood nanny. Leo is concerned for the safety of the deported woman.

  • Home, Part 1
    Home, Part 1
    Episode 9

    An asylum seeker from Zimbabwe is unfairly deported to South Africa, and Leo strives to find a way to have her remain in the UK, which may be more complex that it would first seem. Nikki is contracted to investigate the disappearance of five young men in South Africa in the 1980s.

  • Shadows, Part 2
    Shadows, Part 2
    Episode 8

    Leo's autopsy confirms the involvement of a second gunman in the incident at the university. Nikki is held at gunpoint when she returns to the office.

  • Shadows, Part 1
    Shadows, Part 1
    Episode 7

    The team investigate an apparent suicide. The victim had swallowed a memory card containing pictures of people who had apparently been bullying him, and he had a handgun in his locker. Nikki and Harry get caught up in a shooting as they find themselves trapped in a campus building, trying to help the victims while the shooter is still on the loose.

  • Run, Part 2
    Run, Part 2
    Episode 6
    The undercover police officer's girlfriend is murdered and he has gone missing. Blood traces lead Leo to conclude that the man is implicated in both murders, but further investigation reveals that he is a fantasist, leading a double life. Nikki persuades Harry to investigate his father's suicide.
  • Run, Part 1
    Run, Part 1
    Episode 5

    Leo returns to work and is immediately thrown into a case as a young woman plummets to her death from a building. As the team investigate, Leo suspects that the police are covering up for a rogue undercover officer, who may be linked to the death of the girl.

  • Voids, Part 2
    Voids, Part 2
    Episode 4

    Harry and Nikki appear as opposing expert witnesses at the coroner's inquest, where it transpires that a 'void' in the blood spatter was inadvertently caused by a police officer. Someone seen at the house at the time of the incident dies after a run-in with police. Harry goes to Prague to carry out a post mortem examination of the first Mrs Flannery, and secures a confession of sorts.

  • Voids, Part 1
    Voids, Part 1
    Episode 3

    Harry and Nikki find themselves on opposite sides to each other on a high profile case, and try not to let their opposition be anything but professional and not leak into their personal lives. However, they are both determined to prove themselves, but discover how evidence can often have two different interpretations. The case involves Tom Flannery, whose wife died as a result of a fall from a stair lift. Harry discovers that his first wife also died from the same thing, and he is determined to prove the man's guilt, while Nikki believes the police investigation was not as if should be, but her determination may only lead to further tragedy.

  • Intent, Part 2
    Intent, Part 2
    Episode 2

    Police investigate Leo over apparent discrepancies in the Connelly report. Harry suspects someone in the coroner's office of involvement in forgery. When Leo is attacked and left comatose, Harry tries to prove Rebecca's innocence.

  • Intent, Part 1
    Intent, Part 1
    Episode 1

    An insurance investigator, William Byfield, is found dead, apparently having suffocated from exhaust fumes piped into his car, which suggests suicide. However, on closer examination, Harry suspects he may have died from cyanide poisoning. Byfield's replacement, Clare Ambler, believes his death may be linked to his latest investigation involving the death of Stephen Connelly, and Leo is worried that he has no recollection of the case as he was apparently the pathologist who did his post mortem. The case becomes more complicated as Harry meets up with grief councillor Rebecca, who he worked with before, who turns out to be Connelly's widow, while Ambler convinces the police to investigate Leo for fraud. With Leo's career at risk, it becomes ever-more crucial to get to the bottom of the case.