Silent Witness - Season 14

Weekdays 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Feb 21, 1996 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • The Prodigal, Part 2

    Harry, Nikki and Leo finds evidence that exposes the lies told by the Dutch ambassador and reveal a cover-up implicating the Dutch pathologist now working on the case. Harry locates the ambassador's missing grandson, who holds the key to the mystery.

  • The Prodigal, Part 1

    After a major incident involving a shooting at the Dutch Embassy, Harry and Nikki are removed from the case, when the Dutch decide to appoint their own pathologist, someone Harry and Leo previously taught. As the mystery surrounding the Dutch ambassador's family deepens, the department is facing cuts, while Harry finds himself faced with a life-changing decision.

  • Bloodlines, Part 2
    Bloodlines, Part 2
    Episode 8

    Nikki joins Leo in Budapest as they try to solve Anna's death and clear Harry's name. Harry, having faked his own death to evade arrest, uncovers a criminal conspiracy to harvest babies for childless couples.

  • Bloodlines, Part 1
    Bloodlines, Part 1
    Episode 7

    Harry goes to the aid of a new girlfriend, a lawyer Anna, in Budapest - where she fights for the rights of exploited women. After an argument, Harry discovers her murdered. He goes on the run, suspected of being the killer, intent on bringing the gangs responsible for her death to justice.

  • First Casualty, Part 2

    The lieutenant who apparently connected both victims has been shot and killed in a presumed suicide. A second post mortem on the soldier shows that he died from friendly fire, while CCTV shows that the drowning was a tragic accident. However, a second bullet in the lieutenant's skull reveals that he did not commit suicide but was murdered.

  • First Casualty, Part 1

    Harry investigates a suspicious death of an officer at an army barracks, while Nikki investigates a drowning. As the investigation into the officer reveals he may have been suffering from PTSD after losing a fellow soldier in battle, it transpires that the cases may be linked - but are they suicides or murders?

  • Lost, Part 2
    Lost, Part 2
    Episode 4

    Evidence found at the crime scene and on post mortem examination suggest that the woman was the victim of a copycat killing. It transpires that the convicted man may have had a young male lover and that he might be responsible for the unsolved murders.

  • Lost, Part 1
    Lost, Part 1
    Episode 3

    The discovery of a body initially believed to be an archaeological find, brought to the team through Nikki's friend and colleague, awakens old ghosts for Leo as the MO reminds him of the first case he worked on, where the killer was convicted, but the body of his final victim has never been found. Leo revisits the past, reopening old wounds which could have consequences in the present.

  • A Guilty Mind, Part 2

    Nikki believes that the professor had been taking an untested anti-depressant, and comes under pressure from the drugs company. She becomes increasingly troubled by the case, and is diagnosed as suffering from depression.

  • A Guilty Mind, Part 1

    Three suspicious deaths occur on a hospital ward all in one night, and the hospital staff naturally fall under suspicion. When a professor commits suicide, Nikki tries to ascertain why, and is led to a case involving the rape and murder of a child.