Silent Witness - Season 15

Weekdays 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Feb 21, 1996 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • And Then I Fell in Love, Part 2

    The team investigate the deaths of two girls and uncover a gang grooming under-aged girls for prostitution. Nikki uses facial reconstruction to help identify the decomposed body. The abused girl's stepfather is determined to exact revenge.

  • And Then I Fell in Love, Part 1

    Nikki witnesses a teenaged girl running barefoot into an on-coming car. The police establish that the girl has been sexually abused, and suspicion initially falls on her stepfather. The team examines a decomposed body found abandoned in a suitcase at an airport.

  • Fear, Part 2
    Fear, Part 2
    Episode 10

    Nikki and Harry locate the nun who performed the exorcism on the psychiatric patient. Leo tries to establish events leading to the woman's death, while her psychiatrist is worried for the dead woman's brother.

  • Fear, Part 1
    Fear, Part 1
    Episode 9

    An old friend asks Leo to investigate the death of a psychiatric patient, who was ruled by a coroner to have died from sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. Leo soon clashes with the detective who dealt with the case.

  • Redhill, Part 2
    Redhill, Part 2
    Episode 8

    Harry and Nikki, investigating the murder at Redhill prison, make an important discovery about DI Bridges. Leo's conviction that PO Kessler knows something about the murder of the prison inspector leads him to put himself at risk.

  • Redhill, Part 1
    Redhill, Part 1
    Episode 7

    Harry and Nikki investigate the sudden and supicious death of a convicted murderer at HMP Redhill, but find the prison officers uncooperative. Police believe that a former prison inspector was murdered by her husband, but Leo becomes convinced that there is a connection to Redhill.

  • Paradise Lost, Part 2

    Nikki enlists the help of the SIO from the original murder investigation, but this antagonises the killer, who offers to tell Nikki where the missing bodies are hidden.

  • Paradise Lost, Part 1

    A family taunted by a convicted serial killer over the possible whereabouts of a missing daughter's remains approaches Nikki for help. Leo re-examines a case originally dealt with by Nikki's former mentor.

  • Domestic, Part 2
    Domestic, Part 2
    Episode 4

    The team investigate the lives of the family at the centre of the murder investigation and their neighbours, leading Harry to a discovery about the son left comatose after the attack. Leo and a forensic scientist try to identify the murder weapon.

  • Domestic, Part 1
    Domestic, Part 1
    Episode 3

    A mother and her teenaged daughter are killed, and her stepson left in a coma, after an attack in their home. The police suspect the husband but Harry, who knows the family, is convinced of his innocence.

  • Death Has No Dominion, Part 2

    Leo is still upset about his friend's suicide, while Nikki makes an important discovery about the stabbing of her sister. The team hope that a psychological profile will provide a breakthrough in catching the elusive Wraith, but Harry persuades an officer to test DNA evidence from the earlier investigation.

  • Death Has No Dominion, Part 1

    The team investigates a triple murder at a farmhouse, and DNA found at the scene matches that of the female serial killer known as The Wraith. Nikki questions the direction in which the SIO is taking the investigation. Leo is troubled by the suicide of an old friend, whose sister was killed at a murder scene ten years before.