Silent Witness - Season 9

Weekdays 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Feb 21, 1996 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Mind and Body, Part Two

    Nikki is convinced that a psychiatrist was interfering with his patients' medication, but Harry uncovers a link between his own cases and an on-line pharmacy.

  • Mind and Body, Part One

    Nikki is called to the scene of a suicide, and later to a stabbing in a shop. Harry is also called to another stabbing and they conclude that they were both committed by the same person, before Nikki spots the man after he has stabbed a third person. They discover that both men were receiving psychiatric treatment and that the drugs may have been tampered with. Meanwhile, Harry investigates a woman's claim that when her daughter had died after being hit by a train three months earlier that she did not kill herself, while Leo investigates a man's death after he was supposedly kidnapped by a gang at his home.

  • The Meaning of Death, Part Two

    Leo and Nikki discover another body, this one having apparently been buried alive. Harry makes a discovery about the woman who was drowned. The team struggles to find a connection between the victims.

  • The Meaning of Death, Part One

    Leo and Nikki deal with the body of a man who was apparently buried alive. The team struggles to find a link between the victims.

  • Choices, Part Two
    Choices, Part Two
    Episode 4

    The team try to track down the gunsmith ahead of an anticipated showdown over the ownership of the club. Nikki and Tom stage an intervention for Leo.

  • Choices, Part One
    Choices, Part One
    Episode 3

    The team are called to investigate a drive-by shooting at a club, and they discover that someone shot back at the car - finding themselves in the middle of gang warfare. Leo, still haunted by the deaths of his wife and daughter, seeks bereavement counselling, while Nikki finds the hidden corpse of a woman who may have died from a drug overdose.

  • Ghosts, Part Two
    Ghosts, Part Two
    Episode 2

    Leo determines to take matters into his own hands and atempts to infiltrate the identity-theft ring. He uncovers vital information that helps the police with their investigation, but the outcome presents him with a dilemma.

  • Ghosts, Part One
    Ghosts, Part One
    Episode 1

    Two unidientified women's bodies are found at the river and Nikki is called to investigate. They seem to have been shot execution style and there is something suspicious about them. Meanwhile, Leo gets some devastating news that his wife and daughter have been killed in a car accident and has to leave for Sheffield. As he is not allowed to perform their autopsies he requests that Harry comes to do them. After the post mortem Harry uncovers that there was another man in the car that killed Leo's family. He was Armstrong, a man involved in a Sheffield identity crime gang. The two women in the river had been undercover cops, infiltrating the gang, and had obviously had their cover blown and been executed.