Silent Witness

Season 10 Episode 4

Terminus, Part Two

Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Jul 24, 2006 on BBC
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Terminus, Part Two

A high-powered salesman collapses and dies at his desk; what was in his cup of coffee? Meanwhile a bus driver discovers the last passenger on his bus is not asleep but dead - is it natural causes or not? And a famous footballer is found dead with a noose around his neck; why was he so distracted and "out of it" for the last week of his life?


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  • An unusual episode - a bold idea with poignant stories, but somehow lacking the usual spark and suspense.

    This two-parter combined the stories of several people from various walks of life who met their end in tragic circumstances, though unusually for this show, not one was murdered. In the first part, the pressures and problems of substantial debt were explored with the mother-of-two who died while setting fire to her house. Another woman died due to an infection - her attempts to remain young and stay beautiful by having a mole removed ultimately led to her death too. A 16-year-old boy was also killed in a hit-and-run accident - though initially, it looked as if the death might be suspicious, it wasn't so. Finally, at the end of the episode, a young policewoman died in a motor vehicle accident - this seemed almost unnecessary.

    The second part covered a man who died from anaphylactic shock due to an office prank - his jealous colleagues had put eye drops in his coffee in order to prevent him attending an interview - we didn't hear much of his story, though it highlighted competitiveness and envy in the workplace. A diabetic died unnoticed on a bus from a hypoglycaemic attack which unfortunately made him act as if drunk - he had forgotten his bag which contained the chocolate which could have saved him. This, apart from the policewoman, was probably the saddest case, because it was no-one's 'fault' - merely the result of a simple accident. Finally, we learnt that the hit-and-run victim was killed by a famous footballer, who later hanged himself out of guilt - his wife anonymously donated money to the first victim's mother for the funeral of her son.

    For me, this ambitious episode attempted to explore some of the themes of modern life and to highlight that not every case the pathologists face is a murder - there are in fact many cases of accidental death, ordinary people who have died suddenly, proving that life really is too short. However, I felt disconnected from the episode. Without a mystery to solve, or a connection between more of the cases, the episode lacked the suspense necessary to draw the viewer in. The pace was also rather slow - plenty of montages and minimalist piano music - sad, poignant, full of pathos - but ultimately it felt a little like filling. More care in the creation of the story would therefore have made this a more watchable episode of Silent Witness, though the potential for a great story was certainly present.moreless
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