Silicon Valley

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  • Season 4 (watching atm)

    90/100 points. Best comedy show.
  • Lazy, but great show

    Extremely tired of industry laziness being condoned by allowing TV mini series with 10 episodes a year to be called a full fledged TV series.

    A really bad and insulting trend in the industry, though in the case of this show it is still worth watching, for it is one of the BEST TV mini series out today. -1 point for being lazy asshats though.
  • Just 10 episodes?

    It's brilliant, It's hilarious, i love the characters. It's a breath of fresh air and i love it. The third season must have more episodes!
  • When Google takes you as an inspiration .. :D

    Wow - what a feeling it must be when Google takes your creative ideas as an inspiration :D We all knew the show was great, and now, with the evolution of Google to Alphabet, we get the confirmation that even the guys at I mean, Google like it :) An example? In their Blog entry that delineates the move towards the integrative company "Alphabet" (http: // 2015/08/google-alphabet. html), a link is hidden to the website holi .xyz. The full-stop after "Alphabet will also include our X lab, which incubates new efforts like Wing, our drone delivery effort" contains the link.

    Id say - you have done everything right and Silicon Valley is amazing :))
  • Great fucking show

    I am so glad I found this show. Everything about this show is awesome. This currently is 100 times more better than The Big Bang Theory.
  • Oh NO!!!

    OH NO!, It's over for the season and Veep also. DAMN where am I gonna get my comedy fix now? I love this show, and I think Thomas Middleditch and . Miller should win some awards for their portrayal of Richard and Erlich. I'm really sad it's over for the season so soon.
  • Ethnic Humor So Passe!

    It's a generally an interesting show, but the ethnic humor makes me feel as if I'm watching a show from the '90s or something. Anachronistic and super cliche!
  • True HBO

    This is one of the best written shows ive seen in the humor genre ever.

    It balance extremely well between the tacky humour, snappy tech/geek lingo and

    cool/tragic/good/bad characters. And that is not easy to do, at all.

    So, BIG applaud!
  • Geek to Geek

    Been a true Geek myself, I can't stop watching this show, I am rolling on the floor with laughter all the time.

    A lot of time has gone into research for this show, to show you how the true world of BIG IT COMPANIES really function, and I can say as a geek that lives in this world they have hit it spot on...

    Give me more 101100110
  • hilarious

    I have seen all three episodes and have audibly lol'd in each episode. This show is hilarious.
  • UGH!!

    I want to punch this guy in the face. I can't enjoy any of the jokes because the protagonist is soooooo annoying. I cannot stand anything that could be described as

    None of the characters in Betas are this frigging disheartened/weak/simpering/pissy/annoying.

    I found this character to be so wretched that I am 23:54 minutes into 29:13 and I had to stop to write this, because it's so bad it's making my teeth hurt.