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Silicon Valley

Sunday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered Apr 06, 2014 In Season



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Silicon Valley Fan Reviews (9)

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  • Just 10 episodes?

    It's brilliant, It's hilarious, i love the characters. It's a breath of fresh air and i love it. The third season must have more episodes!
  • When Google takes you as an inspiration .. :D

    Wow - what a feeling it must be when Google takes your creative ideas as an inspiration :D We all knew the show was great, and now, with the evolution of Google to Alphabet, we get the confirmation that even the guys at I mean, Google like it :) An example? In their Blog entry that delineates the move towards the integrative company "Alphabet" (http: // 2015/08/google-alphabet. html), a link is hidden to the website holi .xyz. The full-stop after "Alphabet will also include our X lab, which incubates new efforts like Wing, our drone delivery effort" contains the link.

    Id say - you have done everything right and Silicon Valley is amazing :))
  • Great fucking show

    I am so glad I found this show. Everything about this show is awesome. This currently is 100 times more better than The Big Bang Theory.
  • Oh NO!!!

    OH NO!, It's over for the season and Veep also. DAMN where am I gonna get my comedy fix now? I love this show, and I think Thomas Middleditch and . Miller should win some awards for their portrayal of Richard and Erlich. I'm really sad it's over for the season so soon.
  • Ethnic Humor So Passe!

    It's a generally an interesting show, but the ethnic humor makes me feel as if I'm watching a show from the '90s or something. Anachronistic and super cliche!
  • True HBO

    This is one of the best written shows ive seen in the humor genre ever.

    It balance extremely well between the tacky humour, snappy tech/geek lingo and

    cool/tragic/good/bad characters. And that is not easy to do, at all.

    So, BIG applaud!
  • Geek to Geek

    Been a true Geek myself, I can't stop watching this show, I am rolling on the floor with laughter all the time.

    A lot of time has gone into research for this show, to show you how the true world of BIG IT COMPANIES really function, and I can say as a geek that lives in this world they have hit it spot on...

    Give me more 101100110
  • hilarious

    I have seen all three episodes and have audibly lol'd in each episode. This show is hilarious.
  • UGH!!

    I want to punch this guy in the face. I can't enjoy any of the jokes because the protagonist is soooooo annoying. I cannot stand anything that could be described as

    None of the characters in Betas are this frigging disheartened/weak/simpering/pissy/annoying.

    I found this character to be so wretched that I am 23:54 minutes into 29:13 and I had to stop to write this, because it's so bad it's making my teeth hurt.
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