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  • Silk Stalkings was a really fun and sexy show to watch. I still remember when my wife and me first got cable television (instead of antenna) in February 1996, we saw advertisements for it and were trying to find it. Once we did, we watched it a lot.

    Silk Stalkings was a really fun and sexy show to watch. I still remember when my wife and me first got cable television (instead of antenna) in February 1996, we saw advertisements for it and were trying to find it. Once we did, we watched it a lot. It had the best looking cast and co-stars of any show except maybe Baywatch. This show introduced a new level of female villain. The scheming, sexy bombshell with a gun. Lots of great scenery, skimpy clothes, and some pretty good plots for the shows. We enjoyed this show a lot and still would if they would show reruns of it.
  • Miss Chris and Rita

    I love this show. I have every season on dvd. I still cry when I wacth the epi. when chris dies. I still read fanfic online and I know that makes me a nerd but still I do it. I never really watched after season five. Silk Stalkings wasn't Silk Stalkings with out the electricty from them. Every epi. there was a spark between them and you were on the edge of you seat waiting for them to just kiss. Like in soul kiss. I wish Mitzi and Rob would do another show or movie together that would be cool. I've read fic with rita and chris' kid becoming a cop and starting where rita and chris left off in palm beach.
  • Incrediable show I wish they would air once more, I really miss this show.

    Silk stalkings was one of the best shows ever aired on televison. I use to sit up late just to watch the show and hated to miss one episode. I wish they would make more shows like this one because they sure don't make them as good anymore. My favorite episodes was when the last few aired when Chris and Rita became romantically involved. I never got to see the last one after Chris was killed and I would love to see that one! All in all this is an incrediable show that no-one should miss and I feel for all who will never view this show.
  • Guilty pleasure with no regrets... now that's real heat

    While this show may be one of the guiltiest pleasures out there, there is no denying that this show was damn proud of that fact and that made it so you never had regrets about watching it. The themes, its time slot, the beautiful people, the sexy clothes and scenes all just blew the mind. The closing credits were sometimes the best with that great theme music kicking in. What made the show truly stand out were the initial seasons and the chemistry between Mitzi Kapture and Rob Estes. The show kinda lost steam after that even after Christ Potter and Co tried to save it. Would love to own the DVD. This is really one pleasure you'll never regret.
  • Not bad.

    Silk Stalkings is the best show I have ever seen, it's been my favorite for 5 years now. It's about a platonic relationship between Sgt. Christopher Lorenzo(Rob Estes, now Melrose Place) and his partner Sgt. (later on Lt.) Rita Lee Lance(Mitzi Kapture, now Baywatch), that work in the Palm Beach Police Department, they work on the high society crimes of passion (Silk Stalkings). In the end Rita and Chris marry and Chris dies a short while afterwards while trying to protect Rita and their unborn child. Rita that wants to guarantee a safe life for her baby lives Palm Beach. Ok that's a short summary of the show. I think the show is so special because it was mainly about a great friendship built between Chris and Rita. In the end they did end up together, but I loved the fact that they were best friends for so long, so they had something to build the relationship on. Rob and Mitzi have such a great Chemistry and I hope they'll work together again in the future. The last thing I have to say is that if you haven't watched the show go and watch it, because you're losing the best TV show ever. This comment is my opinion only, I don't know what about other but I wrote this about me only you may agree or disagree.(
  • I miss this one.

    This one became one of my guilty pleasures back in the day. I started watched this show when USA use to run it really late at night and got completely hooked on it. Silk Stalkings was primarily about two homicide detectives solving murders in Palm Beach, Florida. But the best part of the show was not the cases it was Rita Lance and Chris Lorenzo. Lance and Lorenzo, Lorenzo and Lance. How could you not love these two characters, played amazing by Rob Estes and Mitzi Kapture. I thought this was one of the best tv pairings I have ever seen. I loved seeing these two together. The last couple seasons of the series just wasn't the same after they left the show. Chris's crazy brightly colored suits were horribly great. He was the metro sexual man before anyone knew what metro was. So if you want to see some great chemistry and some cheesy cases, definitly check this one out.
  • OMG I loved this show!! Chris & Rita at #1!

    Omg I so loved and love this show. Long before I got addicted to Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order CI my first love was Silk Stalkings. Ooo man I would stay up late even on school nights in high school to watch my favorite decetives. Rita and Chris at the all best ever. And to top it off they made the all time best couple long before X-files and L&O SVU. And they kicked the old Miami Vice deal with beach city cops. It just wasn't that same after Chris died but at least we got a few episodes with him and Rita together, and they got married. Still number one in my book!
  • Forerunner of L&O:SVU.

    I remember staying up late to watch this show on USA, first because I was young and starved for sex, but later because the plots were interesting and I enjoyed watching the characters develop. Charlie Brill is a very funny guy. IT was worth watching the show just to see him.
  • What a waste! Whoever thought of this show needed to have his head examined!

    One of the absolutely worst shows ever conceived. I mean, you had a fat DA that you never saw in court, you had two cops who were vapid as all get-out, and where was the leadership of this squad? If they thought this would be the show that would challenge Law and Order, then Steven J. Cannell had to be smoking crack. This show stinks, and thank God we don't have to endure it in reruns.

    In all fairness, though, I think that Janet Gunn probably should have been given a role on a Law and Order show, because I thought she was far more talented than Mitzi Kapture, whose Rita Lee Lance had to be the dumbest female cop in TV history.
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