Silk Stalkings

USA (ended 1999)




  • Season 5 Episode 3: Sweet Punishment

  • Early in this episode, Chris receives an eye injury at the hands of Prima. When he is in the Homicide office, the injury is apparent. In all of his other scenes, his eye does not look injured.

  • Season 4 Episode 17: Champagne On Ice

  • During the sex scene in the opening teaser, every time the view is shown from the back, the man has his shirt off. But when the view switches to the female's point of view, e.g., when she is straddling him, his shirt is magically back on again.

  • Season 4 Episode 13: Ghosts of the Past

  • Continuity problem--In the beginning of the prologue footage the woman, Suzanne Reicher, is shown dressing. She is wearing silk stockings when she pulls up her dress before the stand-up mirror. However, two scenes later, when she undresses in the hotel in front of her "client," the stockings are mysteriously gone. This may have been an oversight or done intentionally to curtail a ratings impedement for suggestive sexual content.

  • Season 4 Episode 6: Where There's A Will...

  • goof: In the first sex scene, there is nothing above the bedstand with the lamp on it. In the second sex scene, there is a wall outlet above the bedstand.

  • Goof: We can see a microphone above the bed.

  • Right before Junior walks in on Eve and Roland having sex, as he is walking down the hall, you hear what sounds like an off-camera cough by one of the crew members. Junior couldn't have coughed because he is drinking a glass of liquor as he walks down the hall.

  • During the opening scene of this incident, after Junior angrily gets up from the table after arguing with his father Roland, the camera centers again on the table. Behind the table, you can see a stage light through the curtains; a few seconds later, the stage light dims.

  • After the second sex scene, when Eve is removing the handcuffs from the bed-rails and Roland's wrists, you see both of Eve's arms. But in a very quick shot, you see a third arm/hand come to her assistance. Obviously she is alone in the room at this point. The extra person helping Raquel Gardner (the actress playing Eve) is probably a crew member helping her take the handcuffs off as quickly as possible for the scene to go as planned.

  • Continuity problem: In the opening part of the episode (after the theme music plays), we see a woman with short reddish-brunette hair in a black, two-piece bathing suit walking along a park boulevard. Later in the episode, we see the same brunette-haired woman briefly in a foreground shot at the beginning of the benefit event that Chris and Gillian attend. It seems unlikely that the woman would have legitimate business in both venues.

  • Note: The white tennis shirt with the red and black diagonal bars that Roland is wearing on the court in this episode is the same one that one of Audrey Lowe's beaux's is wearing on another tennis court in Time Share.

  • This episode was censored in later re-broacasts. Cencored content (which can now be seen on DVD) includes:

    - In the first sex scene, the original close-up of Raquel's butt when she's wearing a red thong and subsequently removes her bra while Roland strokes her butt-cheek.

    - In the second sex scene, approximately 15-20 seconds of footage was taken out as well as some of her moaning. For instance, in the original broadcast, the shot dissolves from the tennis court with Eve and Roland kissing to the shot of her breasts in her blue bra moaning. In edited editions, the shot transfers to the kiss to the first butt-shot of her in sex scene #2 where she is cut off in mid-sentence: "...Baby, I'm just gonna give you a taste of heaven." (Which makes no sense if you didn't hear Roland's deleted "What are you trying to do--kill me" moments before). And if I'm not mistaken, instead of three separate moans she utters during climax, in the edited version the first two are dubbed to include four moans (i.e., the initial two moans repeated)

    - After Eve has killed Roland in the second sex scene, she returns home and finds Junior in her bed. In the original episode, he calls her a "bitch" before he grabs her; of course, this curse word is striken in the edited versions

    - Also, when Claire Ballentine refers to Eve in the original episode, she says, "I paid that bitch an awful lot of money to take care of your father..."; but again, the curse word was striken in re-broadcast

  • Raquel Gardner was only 24 years old when she starred in this episode, her first of three guest appearances on Silk Stalkings.

  • About eight minutes into this episode, the opening scene with Chris and Rita (in which they discuss Chris' committment to accompany Jilian to a yacht club benefit), it disolves into the scene with Roland and Eve outside on the tennis court. While Roland is swatting tennis balls from the automatic serving machine, you can see Eve in the background sitting on a chair with her smooth legs spread-eagled. If you can take your eyes off her legs, notice that she is wearing a wristwatch on her left wrist. You can clearly see the watch when the camera zooms in on her while she's stroking her thighs. In the next scene you see the watch glitter, but when it cuts to her rising up from her chair to greet Roland, the watch is no longer on her wrist!

  • Season 2 Episode 21: Soul Kiss

  • When the couples are massaging each other on their own chaise by the pool, Rita tells Chris that Karen is coming; however, Karen is standing in the same place she had been the whole time without having moved but she was watching them.

  • During the "soul search" part of the undercover assignment, Rita and Chris are staring into each other's eyes and told to think of a good, happy time. The video shown of them dressed up in front of a mirror is from their undercover assignment as the Wellmans in the episode Social Call. The video of Rita sticking a pizza in Chris's mouth is from the episode Shock Jock. Then they are told to think of a bad, sad time. The videos are both from the episode In The Name Of Love when Rita was shot.

  • Season 2 Episode 12: Jasmine

  • Rob Estes directed this episode. On the "Silk Stalkings" first season DVD, he notes in his commentary that the directors wanted the actors to direct and to know the other side of the camera. Estes also directs another episode later on, as does Mitzi Kapture.

  • Season 2 Episode 5: In Too Deep

  • Goof: Early in the episode when Johnny Rider grabs Cotton by the throat, in the reverse angle you can clearly see his hand in not there.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: The Brotherhood

  • When Rita is getting wired to go undercover, the mic attached to her collar appears and disappears between camera angles.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Curtain Call

  • Goof: That's some "crackerjack" CSI team they use in Palm Beach. After finding a murder victim in a jacuzzi, they missed a ring that was visible while standing beside it. Lorenzo had to find it later.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Going to Babylon

  • It is revealed that Rita Lee Lance birth name was Fontane and her mother died when giving birth. Her father, Donald Fontane was a wealthy man, but he went broke due to the betrayal of a friend of the family, and when she was 6 years old and he shot himself in the head. Rita was raised by Tom and Sue Lance, a couple who treated her like she was their own and she took their name as her own.

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