Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 2

Boys Will Be Boys

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Ricky is several hours late coming home, and everyone is frantic. When he finally does get home, he tries to downplay the whole thing, but everyone was so worried that now they're also angry that he did this. Edward seems furious that Ricky had everyone worried like he did, but instead of punishing him, he lets it go, since he's just glad that Ricky is back safe. He also tells Ricky that his nemesis from military school, Derek, is now in the neighborhood and is coming for a visit. Ricky is very upset about this news, as he has no desire to see Derek. Derek shows up and sweet talks Edward, but shows his true colors to Ricky.

Later he tells Ricky that he wants to get revenge on his father, who has punished him for getting thrown out of military school. Ricky says that's not a problem for him, since his father never punishes him, and Derek decides to twist this around to confuse him. Derek says he gets punished because his father loves him, and since Edward never punishes Ricky, that means that he really doesn't love him.

Ricky doesn't want to believe this, but with some prodding from Derek, decides to put it to the test. He sends the train crashing through Edward's office, causing a lot of damage. Edward again is furious, and Ricky is sure that he's about to get punished. But to Derek's delight Edward again does nothing. The next day, Ricky asks Kate if a parent punishing their child is a sign of love, and Kate agrees. This really sends Ricky into despair, because now he's convinced that his father doesn't love him. And since Edward doesn't care what he does, he's going to do whatever he wants.

Kate tells Edward about Ricky's confusion. Just then, Leonard shows up and Ricky hits him with a whipped cream balloon. Leonard tells him that not only does Ricky think he can now get away with anything, but that he's also switched Edward's toilet paper with flypaper. Edward now has no choice but to deal with it. Ricky, unfortunately, is still convinced that his father doesn't love him. But Edward tells him about a time that his father punished him, and as a result he felt hatred towards his father. Today, he wouldn't ever want to do anything to make Ricky hate him that way. Ricky assures him that he could never hate his father, and their relationship becomes stronger as a result of all this.