Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 2

Boys Will Be Boys

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1982 on NBC



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    • Ricky: Oh, Mr. Mailman!
      Edward: Ricky, drop that...
      (whipped cream balloon hits the mailman)
      Mailman: Ow.
      Edward: Balloon. Mr. Ross! I'm sorry. It was an accident. It's too late. He's torching our mail.

    • Leonard: Oh, by the way, Edward, Ricky told me that he has just replaced your bathroom tissue with flypaper. Now that's funny. (laughs hysterically)
      Kate: Well, Edward, what are you going to do?
      Edward: Well, for starters I'm sure not gonna to use the bathroom.

    • (Edward and Kate sees Leonard covered in whipped cream.)
      Leonard: Hi.
      Edward: Leonard, what happened to you?
      Leonard: Well, Edward good question. The answer one of the following three things. A, This is the new Calvin Klein whipped cream suit with matching balloon hat, or B, I've just been baptized by the First Church of Balloon Fragments, or C, you're son Ricky just dropped a whipped cream balloon on my head.
      Edward: I have a hunch it was Ricky.
      Leonard: Good guess.
      Edward: Oh, Leonard, I'm...(laughs) I'm sorry. This is inexcusable(laughs)
      Kate: Edward, this isn't funny.
      Edward:(laughs) I know it. I'm sorry. Uh, excuse me. Just a moment. (laughs hysterically) I'm back now.
      Leonard: Sure, it's easy for you to laugh. You're not the one with the dessert topping in your underwear.

    • Kate: Come in, Captain Danger. Come in, Captain Danger.
      Edward: (on the walkie talkie) This is Captain Danger. Is that you, Foxy Lady?
      Kate: Um, yes, Edward. I mean Captain.
      Edward: (on the walkie talkie) Any word on Lost Little Lamb?
      Kate: Lost Little Lamb has returned to the fold.
      Edward: (on the walkie talkie) 10-4, Foxy Lady, I'll be right there. And tell Lost Little Lamb he's headed for the slaughterhouse.

    • Kate: Hello, police, this is an emergency. Yes, I'll hold. Oh, yes, officer my name is Kate Summers. I'm personal secretary to Edward Stratton III. His son, Ricky, is, um... He's--He's missing. Uh, he has blonde hair, blue eyes, oh and the cutest little dimples. And a tiny little button nose...Yes, I know you're busy. Please you've got to find him, you've just got to find him. He's wearing, um, blue jeans, white sneakers, red t-shirt.
      Ricky: (comes in the front door) Hi, Kate
      Kate: Uh, make that a green t-shirt. Uh, sorry wrong number.

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