Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 2

Boys Will Be Boys

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1982 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Kate: Hello, police, this is an emergency. Yes, I'll hold. Oh, yes, officer my name is Kate Summers. I'm personal secretary to Edward Stratton III. His son, Ricky, is, um... He's--He's missing. Uh, he has blonde hair, blue eyes, oh and the cutest little dimples. And a tiny little button nose...Yes, I know you're busy. Please you've got to find him, you've just got to find him. He's wearing, um, blue jeans, white sneakers, red t-shirt.
      Ricky: (comes in the front door) Hi, Kate
      Kate: Uh, make that a green t-shirt. Uh, sorry wrong number.