Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 6

Evelyn Returns

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1982 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Ricky's mother Evelyn arrives to challenge Edward for custody.

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    Leonard Lightfoot

    Leonard Lightfoot

    Leonard Rollins (Season 1)

    Joel Higgins

    Joel Higgins

    Edward W. Stratton III

    Erin Gray

    Erin Gray

    Kate Summers Stratton

    Rick Schroder

    Rick Schroder

    Richard Bluedhorn Stratton ("Ricky" Seasons 1-2; "Rick" Season 3-5)

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      • Leonard: Let me give an idea of what you'd be in for. You're on the stand and I'm Evelyn's lawyer, okay?
        Edward: Okay.
        Leonard: Good. Now, Mr. Stratton, do you think a child should attend school?
        Edward: Certainly.
        Leonard: Then, why'd you take Ricky out of school a couple of weeks ago to attend a frog-jumping competition?
        Edward: Well, Ricky raised Oscar from a tadpole.
        Leonard: And you felt that was sufficient reason?
        Edward: We had 10 bucks riding on him
        Leonard: Ah-ha! So you were gambling.
        Edward: Oh, come on Leonard. You were there too. You were holding the bag of flies.
        Leonard: Irrelevant.

      • Edward: (mimicking monkey, turns around and sees Evelyn)
        Evelyn: Hello, Edward.
        Ricky: Excuse me. Have you seen my father?
        Edward: (nods his head)
        Ricky: Well, um, would you tell him that my mother is here?
        Edward: (nods his head)
        Ricky: And by the way, get yourself a shave.

      • Ricky: I guess you got my letter, huh?
        Evelyn: I certainly did. And when I read that you had left military school to live with your father, I... Well I shrieked. And people do not shriek in Switzerland.
        Ricky: No, they yodel.

      • Edward: Well, Evelyn, it seems our honeymoon wasn't a total loss. We've got a pretty terrific kid here, huh?
        Evelyn: Yes, I do.
        Edward: You know I think he's got my smile.
        Evelyn: Oh? I never thought his smile was particularly goofy.
        Edward: You mean you don't think his nose is familiar?
        Evelyn: Yes, I think it looks like mine.
        Edward: What about his eyes?
        Evelyn: Mine.
        Edward: He's male!
        Evelyn: I will give you that.

      • Edward: Kate, my ex-wife's out there.
        Kate: Evelyn?
        Edward: Yeah, that's one of the things I used to call her, yeah.

      • Evelyn: (looking at Edward's living room) So, who does your father's decorating? Toys R Us?

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