Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 6

Evelyn Returns

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Ricky is surprised by a visit from his mother, Evelyn. He had written her to tell her that he had left military school and moved in with his father. So she immediately flew in from Switzerland. She has very little respect for Edward, both as a father and as a person, and has a problem with Ricky being with him. And when Edward sees that Evelyn has arrived, he immediately assumes the worst: that she's there to take back Ricky.

After sending Ricky upstairs so they can talk privately, Edward and Evelyn reminisce on their brief relationship for a few moments. However, it quickly becomes bitter, and Evelyn makes it clear that she doesn't think Ricky belongs here and in fact intends to take him with her when she leaves. Edward isn't going to stand for this, as he wants Ricky to stay with him. Evelyn threatens to get a court order so that she can take Ricky, and Edward promises to fight her.

Edward meets with his lawyer, Leonard, and asks about his chances of winning the case. Leonard explains that each party would have to try to prove that the other is unfit as a parent, and then he gives him a taste of what Evelyn's lawyer would put him through on the stand. Edward doesn't enjoy the experience, but points out that Leonard could just do the same to her. However, Leonard makes Edward think about how much damage this could do to Ricky.

After Leonard leaves, Edward and Ricky talk. Although they both want to stay together, Edward explains that it's for the best that Ricky go with his mother. At that moment Evelyn returns, obviously having had the same thoughts about how a custody battle could hurt Ricky, and says she wants to settle this amicably. She's thrilled when Edward tells her that he's going to let her take Ricky without a fight, and he goes upstairs to pack a few of his son's things. With Edward gone, Ricky and his mother talk, and Ricky tries to convince his mother how much he and his father love and need each other. Then, when Edward returns, Evelyn sees the bond between the two of them and that they are good for each other, so she agrees to let Ricky stay with his father, making it clear that she's still going to be a part of Ricky's life.