Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 6

Evelyn Returns

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1982 on NBC



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    • Leonard: Let me give an idea of what you'd be in for. You're on the stand and I'm Evelyn's lawyer, okay?
      Edward: Okay.
      Leonard: Good. Now, Mr. Stratton, do you think a child should attend school?
      Edward: Certainly.
      Leonard: Then, why'd you take Ricky out of school a couple of weeks ago to attend a frog-jumping competition?
      Edward: Well, Ricky raised Oscar from a tadpole.
      Leonard: And you felt that was sufficient reason?
      Edward: We had 10 bucks riding on him
      Leonard: Ah-ha! So you were gambling.
      Edward: Oh, come on Leonard. You were there too. You were holding the bag of flies.
      Leonard: Irrelevant.

    • Edward: (mimicking monkey, turns around and sees Evelyn)
      Evelyn: Hello, Edward.
      Ricky: Excuse me. Have you seen my father?
      Edward: (nods his head)
      Ricky: Well, um, would you tell him that my mother is here?
      Edward: (nods his head)
      Ricky: And by the way, get yourself a shave.

    • Ricky: I guess you got my letter, huh?
      Evelyn: I certainly did. And when I read that you had left military school to live with your father, I... Well I shrieked. And people do not shriek in Switzerland.
      Ricky: No, they yodel.

    • Edward: Well, Evelyn, it seems our honeymoon wasn't a total loss. We've got a pretty terrific kid here, huh?
      Evelyn: Yes, I do.
      Edward: You know I think he's got my smile.
      Evelyn: Oh? I never thought his smile was particularly goofy.
      Edward: You mean you don't think his nose is familiar?
      Evelyn: Yes, I think it looks like mine.
      Edward: What about his eyes?
      Evelyn: Mine.
      Edward: He's male!
      Evelyn: I will give you that.

    • Edward: Kate, my ex-wife's out there.
      Kate: Evelyn?
      Edward: Yeah, that's one of the things I used to call her, yeah.

    • Evelyn: (looking at Edward's living room) So, who does your father's decorating? Toys R Us?

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