Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 12

Falling in Love Again

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 1982 on NBC



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    • Ricky: It went great. The mood was just right. I arranged a nice meal for them, a strolling violinist, and before I could ask if they wanted any bacon bits in their salad, they were kissing.
      Derek: Was it French style?
      Ricky: Derek!
      Derek: I mean the salad dressing.

    • Derek: Listen, I, uh, I fixed your lawnmower for you.
      Ricky: Thanks, but I didn't know it was broken.
      Derek: Oh, well, it wasn't till I accidentally ran over your morning paper. I'm sorry.
      Ricky: Derek, I know what they're gonna put on your gravestone. "Here lies Derek Taylor, by popular demand."

    • Edward: (thinking to himself) Look at them. Smiling at each other. She's probably doing that just to get to me. Well, it won't work.
      (Bob puts his arm around Kate)
      Edward: (thinking to himself) It's starting to work.

    • Bob: What's your name, scooter?
      Ricky: My name is Rick.
      Bob: Rick. That's a great name, scooter.

    • Kate: Uh, Bob is an airline pilot.
      Ricky: Really? Which airline?
      Bob Uh, Pam Ann.
      Ricky: You mean Pan Am?
      Bob: No, Pam and Ann. Those are the gals that own the plane.

    • Edward: Danish. Is that name...Danish?
      Bob: No, I'm from Michigan.

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