Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 10

Father Nature

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1982 on NBC



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    • Edward: Hey, how about we go fishing? There are six rainbow trout out there with our names them.
      Ricky: Yeah, we better get to the river before they fall asleep.
      Edward: I didn't know that fish sleep.
      Ricky: Well, they must. You know how tired you get after swimming all day.
      Edward: Yeah, but I thought I read somewhere that fish don't have any eyelids. How can you sleep without eyelids? Even if you could, how do the other fish know you're asleep? I mean, there you are in the middle of a dream, some bass swims up to you and says "Hey, Herb, you asleep?"
      Ricky: Don't be silly, Dad. A fish would not sound that way underwater. He'd say, (underwater voice) Hey, Herb, you asleep?

    • Derek: Parents hate giving up their weekends for their kids. The only way I got my dad to go camping with me was by threatening to tell Mom about his girlfriend.
      Ricky: How did you know your dad had a girlfriend?
      Derek: I didn't. I took a stab.

    • Edward: Yeah, well, [Colonel W. Morton Strathmore, founder of the Badgers] does have a big nose.
      Ricky: Dad, a Badger never pokes fun at another persons body parts.
      Edward: Well, I'm not a Badger, and this guy has the biggest honker I've ever seen in my life.
      Ricky: Let's just forget the whole thing, okay?
      Edward: Yeah, sure, fine. I wonder what he uses for a handkerchief. A bedspread?

    • Ricky: Look at the tent. It's all ripped. I think it was an animal.
      Edward: You mean an animal animal, or a guy who grabs people by the legs and makes a wish.
      Ricky: It was a bear.
      Edward: A bear? How do you know it was a bear?
      Ricky: Well, there's some tracks, and that's some fur and . . . other evidence.

    • Ricky: Dad, I need some real food. Let's go home.
      Edward: We can't go home. We haven't got your Badger Paws.
      Ricky: Later for the Badger Paws, Dad. I want a Big Mac.

    • Edward: Good news, Rick. I found some food.
      Ricky: What is it? Grasshoppers? You want me to eat a bug?
      Edward: Well, in the Badger Manual says they're not only edible but they're nutritous.
      Ricky: I'd rather eat the Badger Manual.
      Edward: Ricky, grasshoppers are a delicacy. Ever heard of chocolate covered grasshoppers?
      Ricky: Yeah.
      Edward: Well, these happen to be light on the chocolate, heavy on the grasshopper.

    • (Ricky and Edward see their campsite trashed.)
      Edward: What the hell happened here? Wait a minute, Rick, wait a minute. Hello, we're back! All five of us! Joe, Pete, Al, Bernie you got your shotguns ready?
      Ricky: (in different voices) Yeah, Yup, All Right, You betcha.

    • Ricky: You know I think we found the perfect campsite, you look around and you get the feeling that no other human being has ever been here before.
      Edward: (picks up bra on the ground) Yeah, virgin forest.

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