Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 10

Father Nature

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1982 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Edward: Hey, how about we go fishing? There are six rainbow trout out there with our names them.
      Ricky: Yeah, we better get to the river before they fall asleep.
      Edward: I didn't know that fish sleep.
      Ricky: Well, they must. You know how tired you get after swimming all day.
      Edward: Yeah, but I thought I read somewhere that fish don't have any eyelids. How can you sleep without eyelids? Even if you could, how do the other fish know you're asleep? I mean, there you are in the middle of a dream, some bass swims up to you and says "Hey, Herb, you asleep?"
      Ricky: Don't be silly, Dad. A fish would not sound that way underwater. He'd say, (underwater voice) Hey, Herb, you asleep?