Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 3

Grandfather Stratton

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Leonard arrives at the house, bringing Edward a proxy that his father has sent to be signed. Knowing that his father wants him to vote "Yes," Edward first decides to cast a spite vote "No." However, he decides to hold off until he knows what he's voting on.

Ricky, hearing about his grandfather, asks about him, and it's obvious that Edward wants nothing to do with him. Later Ricky asks Kate how he can visit his grandfather. At first she won't help him, but he uses guilt to obtain the information.

Ricky arrives at his grandfather's office. His grandfather is obviously a very stern man who at first doesn't even believe that he has a grandson. Eventually he becomes convinced. Ricky really wants his father and grandfather to get back together, but his grandfather expresses his disappointment in everything that Edward has done. However, it's obvious that he's developing a fondness for Ricky.

Later, to Ricky's surprise, his grandfather comes to the house. He claims that he is there to pick up the proxy that Edward still hasn't signed. Edward appears, and definitely isn't happy to see his father there. He insists that Edward sign the paper so he can leave. But Edward resists, since that action would cost people their jobs. They come to a compromise, by which some of the profits made from moving the company will be used to help the workers find new jobs. Edward signs, and his father is anxious to leave.

Ricky has other plans, though, and insists that his father and grandfather talk. Things quickly break down, and when his grandfather tries to leave again. Ricky says that he still wants to have a relationship with him. His grandfather agrees, and takes Ricky with him to a baseball game. Then, to Edward's delight, he's invited along as well.