Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 3

Grandfather Stratton

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1982 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This episode reveals the family riches was started by Edward's grandfather, who created a floating water tube that was adopted by vehicles as an inner tube.

  • Quotes

    • Grandfather Stratton: (looking in Edward's living room) Look at this place. I feel as if I died and went to Coney Island.

    • Grandfather Stratton: Now, you say your name is Richard?
      Ricky: Ricky. But you can call me whatever you wanna, Gramps.
      Grandfather Stratton: I am not a "Gramps." Gabby Hayes is a "Gramps."

    • Grandfather Stratton: Now, then, suppose that you are my grandson. What would you want to do about it?
      Ricky: Just regular grandfather-grandson type stuff. We can hang around together.
      Grandfather Stratton: I do not hang around.
      Ricky: We could fly a kite.
      Grandfather Stratton: I loathe kites.
      Ricky: Well, a hug would be nice, but I guess you loathe that, too, huh?
      Grandfather Stratton: You bet your bippy.

    • Ricky: Hi.
      Grandfather Stratton: Miss. Leinerhan, an unauthorized prepubescent has appeared.
      Ricky: I'm authorized. I'm your grandson, Ricky.
      Grandfather Stratton: I'll take care of it. Young man, I believe I heard you mention the word "grandson." I have no grandson. I would know if I had a grandson. I make it a point to keep up with these things.
      Ricky: But I am your grandson
      Grandfather Stratton: What's your game?
      Ricky: What do you mean?
      Grandfather Stratton: You come here pretend to be my long lost relative. You think I'm gonna pay your way through life. Well, I don't pay my real relatives' way through life.
      Ricky: I came here 'cause I wanted to get to know my grandfather. I'm not after your money. I guess what my Dad said about you is true. He said you where an old buzzard.
      Grandfather Stratton: Hold it. Your father called me an old buzzard? Well, then maybe you are my grandson.

    • Ricky: Dad, every time you mention your father, you make him sound like a mean guy.
      Edward: Do I? Gee, I don't mean to. He's really a warm, talented, wonderful human being. (to Leonard) So, how's the old buzzard want me to vote?

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