Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 9

Honor Thy Father

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 1982 on NBC



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    • Edward: Father, what are you doing here?
      Grandfather: You mean, why have I come to Romper Room?
      (Ricky laughs)
      (Edward turns to Ricky)
      Ricky: Sorry, Dad, but he cracks me up.

    • Kate: Edward, this plastic surgeon's kit's kind of fun. You should see what I did to Betty...Oh, Mr. Stratton, sir.
      Grandfather: Don't mind me, Miss. Summers. Just go on playing with your dolls.

    • (Derek slams the door on Ricky)
      Ricky: Thanks, Derek.
      Derek: I'm sorry, Rick. Forgot you were carrying your bassoon.
      Ricky: Hey, no more cracks about my bassoon. Okay?
      Derek: Look, you're gonna be playing that thing in the school orchestra, right? And who's in the orchestra. Wimps and their future wives.

    • Derek: Here. Call this number right away.
      Ricky: What is it?
      Derek: Wimps Anonymous.

    • Grandfather: Edward.
      Edward: Father.
      Grandfather: What is that? Your thinking cap?
      Edward: It's a yo-yo hat.
      Grandfather: Obviously.

    • Grandfather: (to Ricky) So, you have acquired a pet? As I approached, I distinctly heard a choking duck.

    • Edward: (to Ricky) You know, a wonderful thing about a bassoon is no matter where I am in the entire house, I'll still be able to hear it.

    • (bassoon honking)
      Kate: What's that?
      Edward: It sounds like somebody choking a duck.

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