Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 18

Junior Businessman

Aired Unknown Feb 12, 1983 on NBC



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    • Edward: See, my father thinks money should be used to make more money.
      Dexter: That's very beautiful.
      Edward: Well, I think money should be used to enjoy life, to make people happy.
      Dexter: That is sick.

    • Kate: Mr. Stuffins, I'm terribly sorry that Edward is late. Would you like me to give you a tour of the house?
      Dexter: No, thank you Miss Summers. I'll wait here in the arcade.

    • Edward: Ah, Dex, I want you to meet my son Rick? Rick, this is Dexter Stuffins our new business manager.
      Ricky: Pleased to meet you Mr. Stuffins, I've heard of your brother.
      Dexter: Stove Top?
      Ricky: No, Franklin, the guy that won the Nobel prize.

    • Edward: Kate, there's a guy standing over there who looks like he just swallowed something nuclear.
      Kate: Oh, this is Dexter Stuffins
      Edward: Oh, my new business manager! Well, pleased to meet you, Mr. Stuffins. I've heard of your brother, Stove Top (laughs) I'm sorry I couldn't resist.

  • Notes

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Franklyn Seales as Dexter Roosevelt Stuffins, who then would become a regular cast member at the start of Season 2.

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