Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 4

Me & Mr. T

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Ricky starts his first day at public school, after convincing his father he wants to be a normal kid. Unfortunately, a class bully, Ox, gives him a black eye for not giving him his milk money. Edward immediately wants to put Ricky back into a private school, but respects his decision to be a normal kid.

The next day, Ox collects money from all the other students, but again Ricky refuses. Before Ox can get physical, a tough looking man with a Mohawk and gold chains walks into the class and reveals he's Ricky's bodyguard, Mr. T, hired by Edward. Mr. T immediately scares Ox as well as the rest of the students. However, his presence creates a few awkward moments: First, a girl passes Ricky a note, which Mr. T immediately intercepts for security. When he tells Ricky "She thinks you're cute," the rest of the class could easily hear. Later, Mr. T answers a history question on behalf of Ricky.

When they return home, Ricky is humiliated about having a bodyguard, and complains that "Mr. T scored 100% on his test." Ricky wants to handle the bully on his own and Edward disagrees for his safety. Mr. T argues that Ricky is right and needs to stand up for himself. Privately, Ricky and Edward discuss the bully situation and agree with Ricky's idea. They are then intimidated as they have to fire the bodyguard; but Mr. T happily agrees to leave.

The next day, Ricky talks to the class before Ox arrives and urges them all to stand up against the bully; but nobody seems to join him. Ox shows up, somewhat dressed like Mr. T, collects everyone's money, and threatens Ricky. Ricky gives a speech about never giving in to the bully and counters that Ox will have to beat him up every day. Ox reluctantly agrees then starts to fight, but Ricky easily punches him a few times, knocking him down. The class nerd then joins Ricky, followed by a third boy. But Ox still talks tough. The entire class joins Ricky (including the girl who sent the note). Ox gets scared and backs down.

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