Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1982 on NBC
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Edward Stratton III didn't even know that he had a son. Now his preteen son wishes to move in.

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    Leonard Lightfoot

    Leonard Lightfoot

    Leonard Rollins (Season 1)

    Joel Higgins

    Joel Higgins

    Edward W. Stratton III

    Erin Gray

    Erin Gray

    Kate Summers Stratton

    Rick Schroder

    Rick Schroder

    Richard Bluedhorn Stratton ("Ricky" Seasons 1-2; "Rick" Season 3-5)

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      • Ricky: You know, I've always tried to imagine what you look like. Whenever I asked Mom, she'd just show me a picture of a horse's rear end.
        Edward: Now, see the temptation here would be to insult your mother back. But I like to think that I'm, bigger than that. See, I take into account the fact that she's over 30 now. And that's 210 in dog years.

      • Kate: You want to make a donation to Toys For Tots?
        Edward: Yes. It's a very worthy charity.
        Kate: Well, yes, the note says that you want to donate a Ferrari?
        Edward: Well, it's a small car.

      • Leonard: You've got to realize what this situation means to you. It means no more yacht races in Florida.
        Edward: Oh.
        Leonard: No more weekends in Paris.
        Edward: Oh.
        Leonard: And no more servants in this house.
        Edward: Now wait just a minute. I draw the line at servants.
        Louis: Edward, servants get paid. They will not work for free.
        Edward: Mine will. They've been with me ever since I was a child. They love me. They'd never leave me.
        (Edwards's servants leaving the mansion)
        Edward: You know, from now on, I'm gonna have to stagger their vacations.

      • Louis: Edward, (very slowly) all your money is gone.
        Edward: Gone?
        Louis: Gone.
        Edward: (laughs) That's impossible. I'm rich. I was born rich. I'm gonna die rich.
        Louis: Well, then you should've died yesterday.

      • (Edward enters Ricky's room as the Swamp Thing)
        Edward: (in deep voice) Ricky!
        Ricky: (turns around) Hi, Dad.
        Edward: How did you know it was me?
        Ricky: Swamp things don't wear Lacoste shirts, Dad.

      • Edward: Kate, this is my, my...
        Ricky: Son.
        Edward: Son. His name is--is...
        Ricky: Ricky.
        Edward: Ricky.
        Kate: I didn't know you had a son.
        Edward: Join the club.

      • Ricky: Mr. Stratton?
        Edward: Yeah.
        Ricky: Are you Edward Stratton III?
        Edward: That's me.
        Ricky: Pleased to meet you.
        Edward: Hi!
        Ricky: I'm your son.
        (Game Over Music Plays)

      • Ricky: Dad?
        Leonard: Not unless you were born in Philadelphia.
        Ricky: Oh, Well, I took a shot. Mom's a liberal.
        Leonard: Who do you wanna see?
        Ricky: Edward Stratton III.
        Leonard: Ah, the man of the house? He's over there behind the train of the house.

      • Ricky: Can I show you something?
        Edward: Okie dokie!
        Ricky: Take a look at this, this is your bank account.
        Edward: Wow, there's nothing but zeroes. What does that mean?
        Ricky and Leonard: You're broke.
        Ricky: Now this is you're business manager's bank account.
        Edward: Hey, Lou's doing alright for himself.
        Ricky: Yeah, lately. Now we've seen your bank account and Lou's bank account. What does that tell you?
        Edward: Well, it's obvious, Lou's got a lot more money than I do.

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