Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Edward Stratton III is the epitome of the overgrown child. His lawyer Leonard Rollins has just informed him that his business manager Lou says he is broke and Edward is more interested in playing a game of Pac-Man. The Stratton mansion looks more like an arcade with video games lining the walls and a scale model train in the middle of the room that actually goes all over the property.

Edward is totally taken by surprise when a blonde 12-year-old boy arrives and introduces himself as Edward's son, Ricky. Edward had been married to Ricky's mother Evelyn for only seven days. Until that moment he had no clue that he was a father. We meet Edward's assistant Kate Summers during a thoughtful moment. She suggests that perhaps Edward should hold off on a charity donation until his finances were back in shape. After discovering and proving that Lou had really embezzled Edward's money, Ricky tries to convince his father to let him move in with him instead of making him return to military school. After doing some thinking, Edward asks Kate to tell Ricky that he can't stay and take him back to school.

After returning to the academy, Ricky spends his time staring at his dad's photo and gets teased by his roommate Derek Taylor. While Derek is in the shower Edward arrives dressed as a swamp creature and asks Ricky if he will come home. After a hug Ricky trades his military hat for a baseball cap and leaves for his new life.