Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1982 on NBC



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    • Ricky: You know, I've always tried to imagine what you look like. Whenever I asked Mom, she'd just show me a picture of a horse's rear end.
      Edward: Now, see the temptation here would be to insult your mother back. But I like to think that I'm, bigger than that. See, I take into account the fact that she's over 30 now. And that's 210 in dog years.

    • Kate: You want to make a donation to Toys For Tots?
      Edward: Yes. It's a very worthy charity.
      Kate: Well, yes, the note says that you want to donate a Ferrari?
      Edward: Well, it's a small car.

    • Leonard: You've got to realize what this situation means to you. It means no more yacht races in Florida.
      Edward: Oh.
      Leonard: No more weekends in Paris.
      Edward: Oh.
      Leonard: And no more servants in this house.
      Edward: Now wait just a minute. I draw the line at servants.
      Louis: Edward, servants get paid. They will not work for free.
      Edward: Mine will. They've been with me ever since I was a child. They love me. They'd never leave me.
      (Edwards's servants leaving the mansion)
      Edward: You know, from now on, I'm gonna have to stagger their vacations.

    • Louis: Edward, (very slowly) all your money is gone.
      Edward: Gone?
      Louis: Gone.
      Edward: (laughs) That's impossible. I'm rich. I was born rich. I'm gonna die rich.
      Louis: Well, then you should've died yesterday.

    • (Edward enters Ricky's room as the Swamp Thing)
      Edward: (in deep voice) Ricky!
      Ricky: (turns around) Hi, Dad.
      Edward: How did you know it was me?
      Ricky: Swamp things don't wear Lacoste shirts, Dad.

    • Edward: Kate, this is my, my...
      Ricky: Son.
      Edward: Son. His name is--is...
      Ricky: Ricky.
      Edward: Ricky.
      Kate: I didn't know you had a son.
      Edward: Join the club.

    • Ricky: Mr. Stratton?
      Edward: Yeah.
      Ricky: Are you Edward Stratton III?
      Edward: That's me.
      Ricky: Pleased to meet you.
      Edward: Hi!
      Ricky: I'm your son.
      (Game Over Music Plays)

    • Ricky: Dad?
      Leonard: Not unless you were born in Philadelphia.
      Ricky: Oh, Well, I took a shot. Mom's a liberal.
      Leonard: Who do you wanna see?
      Ricky: Edward Stratton III.
      Leonard: Ah, the man of the house? He's over there behind the train of the house.

    • Ricky: Can I show you something?
      Edward: Okie dokie!
      Ricky: Take a look at this, this is your bank account.
      Edward: Wow, there's nothing but zeroes. What does that mean?
      Ricky and Leonard: You're broke.
      Ricky: Now this is you're business manager's bank account.
      Edward: Hey, Lou's doing alright for himself.
      Ricky: Yeah, lately. Now we've seen your bank account and Lou's bank account. What does that tell you?
      Edward: Well, it's obvious, Lou's got a lot more money than I do.

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