Silver Spoons

NBC (ended 1987)





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  • TV Land, Why have you not yet added this show?

    If TV Land can add such shows as Roseanne and Full House then why can they not add some fo the true classic shwos of the 1980's. Silver Spoons is just one of many great shows that networks such as TV Land has forgotten about.
    Silver Spoons is just one of those light hearted shows that you can not get enough of. This show starred Joel Higgins (who is actually best known for writing commercial jingles), Erin Gray (probably the sexest lady on TV at that time), and a very young Rick Schroder just to name of a few. .
  • Very funny show about a father and son living together and having a ball!!

    This is a very funny and toching show. Ricky Schorder plays Ricky Stratton-who is a rich kid at military school-who decides to leave and go and live with his father-Edward Stratton 111(Joel Higgins)Who lives a carefree life in his mansion in Long Island. His Living room is equipped with toys, Video arcade games, a computerized chess set-and the ever popular mini freight train! See, he owns a toy factory. Edward loves to have fun and he loves to play games. It can be said that the living room is the home version of "Coney island"

    The show has good guest stars-Jason Bateman plays Ricky's Arogant pal-Derek-Erin Gray is Edward's Loyal Secretary and the legendary John Houseman plays Edwards father-Edward Sratton 11-who disaproves of Edwards lifestyle-and is very cynicle and only cares about making money.

    However, this show really belongs to Ricky Schroder! He is one of the most talented child actors in the early 80's. This show is what made him a household name. Prior to this, he was known for dramatic roles in the champ and the last flight of noah's ark.

    But, He shines in this show. He has a very cute smile and he's a real charmer! He has the face of an angel-but don't let that fool ya, he can be devious, mischeivous and even rude at times. But he's a real charmer and has the most infectous smile to ever grace the small screen. The best episodes are those where he has a crush on a girl. He is every girl's dream date.

    Ricky Schorder has the rare abilty to make the tranistion to comedic to dramatic in one instant!

    I didn't think I was going to like this show-I thought it was going to be about an arogant rich kid who thinks he's better than anyone else-but he isn't like that all. He's very likable and easygoing.

    So far, only the first season is available on DVD. Sony should get with it and release the other 4 seasons, or let another company release them-it's been 3 years since season 1 came out-Get with it Sony!
  • A typical eighties treasure

    Silver Spoons served as a cute and interesting comedy. Alfonso Ribero and Jason Bateman complemented Schroeder very well. I loved Ricky's adventures with girls he liked and who liked him, all the routines with the toys and just the overall fun flavor of this sitcom. I was watching this show when the Northern California Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 took place.