Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 13

The Best Christmas Ever

Aired Unknown Dec 18, 1982 on NBC



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    • Edward: Oh, here's one and it says, "I belong to Joey."
      Joey: Wow, can I open it now?
      Ellen: Sure.
      Joey: Wow, a dune buggy! I've always wanted one of these.
      Ricky: (clears throat) Me too.

    • Ellen: Did you remember to stomp your feet?
      Jack: Right. We don't wanna get our cave dirty.

    • Joey: We have some patties.
      Jack: That's pate, Joey
      Joey: What's pate?
      Ellen: Goose liver.
      Joey: Pass.

    • Joey: Wow! What a tree! Is this the White House?
      Ricky: No, no. I live here. Now, you said you wanted a job?
      Joey: Forget that. How about adopting me?

    • Kate: That was terrific. Where did you get all that Christmas spirit?
      Ricky: Simple, Kate. I just thought of what Derek would've done in this situation, and I did the opposite.
      Kate: Interesting approach.

    • Joey: What else do you want me to do, mister?
      Kate: "Mister?"
      Ricky: Leave it alone, Kate.

    • Ricky: I was hoping you could see my dad's face when he opens up the present I'm giving him. It's the world's greatest pen. It's got a calculator in it, an alarm, a flashlight, a radio, a watch, and a built-in computer game.
      Kate: Yeah, but does it write?
      Ricky: I--I forgot to check.

    • (Kate and Ricky look at the contents of a basket)
      Ricky: Huh. Look at this. Fruit, cheese...Candied oysters?
      Kate: Well, it's an improvement. Last year it was chocolate-covered snails.

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