Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 20

The Empire Strikes Out

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 1983 on NBC



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    • (the power goes out)
      Ricky: Dad, what's going on here?
      Edward: Oh, Rick, the storm has knocked out the electricity. Just stand still, Son, and don't try to...(crashing) to move.
      Ricky: I'm okay. I just hit something. I don't know what it was, though.
      Grandfather: It was me!

    • Grandfather: Richard, if your father had taken my advice, he would've profited greatly, financially.
      Ricky: We have enough money, Grandfather.
      Grandfather: He has poisoned you.

    • Edward (to Grandfather Stratton) What--What are you talking about?
      Ricky: He's trying to fix you up, Dad. Is this lady good-looking? Is she a fox?
      Grandfather: I have no idea if she's a fox. I do know she has a pair of the biggest coal mines in the country.

    • Ricky: Dexter, would you like to come fishing with me sometime?
      Dexter: I'm afraid that's impossible. I'm allergic to recreation.

    • Grandfather: Edward, your always moaning and mewling about the fact that we don't have father and son chats. I thought this would be a perfect occasion to correct that.
      Edward: That's nice. I'd love to have warm, emotional father, son (turns to Dexter) and accountant chat.
      Ricky: That's an improvement over the normal father-son-referee chats.

    • Edward: Hi, Dex. This is a business call, or you just dropping by to say hello?
      Dexter: Please, I would never "drop by." Dropping by is for brush salesman.

    • Edward: Rick, how'd you get him to ride the train?
      Ricky: Oh, I just promised him a lollipop.
      Edward: Did you two have a good time fishing?
      Ricky: Oh, yeah. It was great. Wasn't it, Grandfather?
      Grandfather: Sheer ecstasy.

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