Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 16

The Toy Wonder

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1983 on NBC

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  • Edward wants to hire 12 year old Barbera Westin as a toy consultant-but there's catch-She wants Ricky to be her boy friend!

    Allison Smith(Kate & Allie)guest stars as a toy consultant-whom Edward wants to hire. Barbera Westin is a bratty 12 year old who knows what she wants-and she'll use any means to get it. When she walks throgh the door, she was just expecting another business meeting-but she goes ga ga when she sees Ricky-the blond blue eyes son of Edward. He is the cuteist boy she ever meets-and she wants him as her boyfreind.

    After Derek Gives Ricky advice, He pretends to like her-he takes her out to pizza and stuff like that. Now this advice works-but not in the way Ricky expects it too-but much better. She shows her true colors when Edward lets him negoiate the contract the way he sees fit.

    Ricky may seem to be a wimp at times, but trust me-Ricky is far from being a wimp. He doesn't always show it-but he has lots of courage to handle situations like this. He has that quiet self assertiness-and confidence that others will take notice of.

    This is why I like Ricky. He was only trying to help his father-but when you stop and think about it-who wants a 12 year old brat as an employee?

    Great Episode!