Silver Spoons

Season 1 Episode 19

Three's a Crowd

Aired Unknown Feb 19, 1983 on NBC



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    • Derek: Come on, Rick, let's face it. With Kate up there, your dad's not gonna be paying any attention to you. Once he sees Kate in those ski pants, he'll be lucky if he remembers your name.
      Ricky: Wash out your mind, Derek. And believe me, with you it'll be a short rinse.

    • Derek: Hey, Rick.
      Ricky: Hi, Derek
      (seeing Ricky with a ski mask on)
      Derek: By the way that's a big improvement.
      Ricky: Yeah, especially over the girls I've seen you with.

    • Edward: Oh, Son, are you alright?
      Ricky: Yeah, I'm fine, but didn't you hear the Ski Patrol's looking for a lost kid.
      Edward: Rick, they're looking for you! We thought you were lost.
      Ricky: That's ridiculous. I'm not lost, I'm right here.

    • Edward: Kate, I feel so guilty. Yesterday, Rick and I were having a great time together, and then you showed and I plain ignored him. I could kick myself. And I will. As soon as my leg defrosts.

    • Edward: Oh, oh, ah, ah. Is he home?
      Kate: No.
      Edward: Well, did you get the Ski Patrol?
      Kate: Not exactly. There's a blizzard and there are people that are missing.
      Edward: Well, so the Ski Patrol is looking for them?
      Kate: No, they're the ones that are missing.

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