Silver Spoons

Season 3 Episode 7

Voyage of the Darned (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1984 on NBC

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  • Terrible voyage, even terribler episode. :(

    This ep started off with a cool premise, the whole cast flying to vacation in the little Eddie Toys plane.

    Even added some development for Kate being a skilled pilot and an opportunity for more Dexter-Alfonso interaction.

    But too much screen time was given to their flight. That plane was tiny enough to give the audience claustraphobia, but the long camera shot from OUTside the plane, made it even worse!

    This was definitely not a fun episode. They missed the opportunity for alot more Edward comedy, as he is clearly the best actor / comedian on the show.

    The ending 'to be continued' gave the promise of foregiveness if part 2 would be much better and really funny.
    But would it?