Silver Spoons

Season 3 Episode 8

Voyage of the Darned (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1984 on NBC

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  • This 2-parter was not even worth half a part! :x

    This episode had the daunting task of validating and justifying the terrible 1st part. (and I mean ter-RIB-ble!)

    It starts off well by avoiding any crash logistics and bore, and jumping straight to the aftermath.

    Finding themselves on a deserted tropical island, the cast is certainly thrust into a Gilligan's Island environment.
    We get evidence of this by the cast mentioning the Gilligan's Island show several times; and even experiencing such trials as living in the bamboo hut, having to fix (or power) the transmitter, and fighting against a hurricane.

    In fact, the episode (and possibly the entire reason for this 2 parter) seems like some writer wanted to write a Gilligan's Island tribute.

    Unfortunately, they failed miserably on 3 counts.
    1- Both parts lacked much comedy
    2- the production screen shots were terrible (mostly part 1)
    3- the dramatic moments dragged way too long

    They did a good job of linking Ricky's dismissal of Science class, then learning his lesson by applying it in separate situations.

    The ending was also way too abrupt. But, at least it put an abrupt end to our misery!