Silver Surfer

FOX (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Down to Earth (3)
      Galactus' new herald, Terrax, has found a new planet for him to destroy - Earth. Now, it is up to the Silver Surfer to stop him.
    • Down to Earth (2)
      The Silver Surfer belives that it is his job to end the people of Earth's "mindless voilence", and give them guidance. However, the people aren't willing to accept the Surfer's assistance.
    • Down to Earth (1)
      The Silver Surfer and Nova travel to Earth, where they encounter the Fantastic Four - who think they are the enemies.
    • The Hunger
      The Hunger
      Episode 5
      Terrax tries to take over the position of Galactus' herald.
    • Battlecry
      Episode 4
      After finally returning home and loosing his beloved Shalla Bal, the Silver Surfer now finds himself searching for any meaning in the universe at all. He eventually decides to perfect his new cosmos by attempting to end the war between the Kree and the Skrull.
    • Soul Hunter (2)
      Soul Hunter (2)
      Episode 3
      When the Soul Hunter endangers Zenn-La, Shalla Bal must sacrifice herself to save her homeworld.
    • Soul Hunter (1)
      Soul Hunter (1)
      Episode 2
      Eternity and Infinity help the Silver Surfer return to Zenn-La, but the Surfer learns that he can only set foot on Zenn-La again with help from the virals. To get help from the virals, he must save the Universal Library from Morg.
    • The End of Eternity (2)
      Failing to have stopped Thanos from destroying the universe, the Silver Surfer decides to recreate it. In doing so, he learns more about Thanos and Lady Chaos.
  • Season 1