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  • Anyone who would like to read the scripts for season 2 should visit For some reason the site that i gave you is messed up in this review just dellete the spaces

    Anyone who would like to know what would have happend in season 2 should visit Here you can read the scripts for the episodes of season2... Ok well what can i say about this show, its simply amazing the animation was awesome the story was awesome ... I have two words to describe the show : Masterpiece , Classic.
    I dont understand why gave it a 5.6/10 rating...I dont care what they say i loved this show, It was a pitty it ended on a cliffhanger , i read the scripts for season 2 I give it 9,9/10 why 9,9 becouse they never made the season 2 :(
  • Like to say i was totally crushed by this show being pulled!I had waited on this all my life.It was cerebral, action packed,totally interesting!I will tell you the masses loved it!The old guard hardcore 60s-90s Marvel/comics lovers WANT IT BACK NOW!

    This show was the culmination of long years before it to get animation,subject matter,and "gray matter",all together!There has never been better!Bring it back! New seasons galore.We never got to see what happened with Thanos?!?!THIS WAS YOUR FUTURE MARVEL!You eggheads in marketing dont know a good thing if it slides up your pants and bites you!
  • A wonderful and great show!

    What Can I Say, The Silver Surfer Tv Show Was One Of The Best Cartoons Out There! Till This Day, It Looks Fantastic! And It Gives You In Idea Or At Least A Vision Of What The Universe Is Like From A Cosmic Being, I I'm Very Sadden That The Show Ended As It Had So Much More Too Tell if you ever run into some reruns please give the show a chance, hopfully one day it will come out on dvd here's hoping !
  • A grandiose story about cosmic beings and gods...

    Any true fan of Marvel Comics would like this cartoon, despite the changes to the original concepts because it may have been too much for the kids (like Thanos, who is a nihilist in love with the embodiment of Death). These characters are the heavy hitters in the Marvel Universe, the ones that their mere mention would make the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men collectively tremble.

    Considering the content, the grandiose characters, and the universal playing field, this cartoon had so much potential and could have been fascinating if it had been allowed to continue into the next season. This was very different from others of its kind, and it is sad to see it go so quickly, much like the Silver Surfer comic, which has always met with limited success. Even though Wizard Magazine listed the Silver Surfer the most powerful superhero ever created (two notches above Superman according to them), the character has just not had a lot of popular appeal...shame about that.
  • "Silver Surfer"

    "Silver Surfer"was one of my fav. Marvel comic hero's cause he got to fly in space all over universe fighting giant glactic monsters and threats to planets he is awsome. when i was a kid i had some comic cards and comic books, they would be worth a lot of money now if i still had them, but good thing my half-bro has some still, some are number 1's of the issues and they are in good condition.
  • Its cool

    Great for deployed soldiers. This is just what most people need to pass the time away. These shows keep you occupied with something that is changing periodically. You must understand it is pretty boring as a soldier once you get everything establish and things are going smooth. Well those are my comments for now.
  • A more cerebral take on superheroes, and a welcome one at that.

    Silver Surfer was a tremendous tribute to it's hero. In the comics, the Surfer only resorts to violence as needed, and is highly empathic to other beings. So was it in the cartoon, which sadly did not make it to a second season. There might not have been a great deal of action, but blast it, the show got the Surfer right.

    Of course, there were downsides. Thanos couldn't worship Death, because it might have scared kids. And since they had their own program, the Fantastic Four played no role in the origin story.

    Still, overall, it's a pity that Silver Surfer ended so soon. It was enjoyable, and I lament that we'll never see how it was supposed to end.