Silver Surfer

FOX (ended 1998)


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  • Anyone who would like to read the scripts for season 2 should visit For some reason the site that i gave you is messed up in this review just dellete the spaces

    Anyone who would like to know what would have happend in season 2 should visit Here you can read the scripts for the episodes of season2... Ok well what can i say about this show, its simply amazing the animation was awesome the story was awesome ... I have two words to describe the show : Masterpiece , Classic.
    I dont understand why gave it a 5.6/10 rating...I dont care what they say i loved this show, It was a pitty it ended on a cliffhanger , i read the scripts for season 2 I give it 9,9/10 why 9,9 becouse they never made the season 2 :(