Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Sep 15, 1986 on

Episode Recap

Character Appearances: Quicksilver, Steelheart, Steelwill, Copper-Kidd, Bluegrass, Cmdr. Stargazer, Tally-Hawk, Mon-Star (transforms), Sky-runner, Yessman, Hardware, Mumbo Jumbo, Darkbird
Other Characters: Lord Cash

Locations: Hawk Haven, Brimstar, Dollare

Although it may look like Quicksilver is attacking the banking world of Dollare it is in fact his doppelganger Darkbird. The evil menace manages to get through the planet's defensive screen and confronts the administrator Lord Cash; demanding all the galaxy's riches. Of course the implications alone are enough for Earth to demand the immediate disbanding of the SilverHawk program, but our heroes won't have any of that. They review the tapes of Tally-Hawk and discover the truth: Darkbird is a creation of Hardware, who following Mon-Star's bidding has taken Lord Cash hostage, and now possession of the riches on Dollare. It'll be up to the SilverHawks to stop him.

Before the offensive begins the steel twins show off their newest invention the Skynet. Basically, its a net grenade which after they test out on the Copper-Kidd leads to a rousing good chuckle for everyone (so mean). But, back on Brimstar, Hardware argues with Mon-Star that he hasn't yet been paid for creating Darkbird. This is of course a bad idea, and after a scolding Hardware alongside Mumbo Jumbo head out to Dollare to pick up the treasure. Unfortunately for Hardware they happen across the Mirage on its way to Dollare too. After a quick game of chicken with their space ships Hardware runs back to Brimstar, and the Hawks continue of to Dollare.

Darkbird sees the Hawks approach and attacks uses his heel Talons to slice up the Mirage, and injure Steelwill before he heads back to Dollare, confident in his ultimate victory. Quicksilver orders the rest of the team back to base to tend Steelwill's injury and fix the ship while he faces down Darkbird. This might prove more difficult than expected though, what with the planetary defenses now protecting Darkbird. Meanwhile back on Brimstar, angered by the easy defeat of his men, Mon-Star transforms to his armored form and departs to assist Darkbird.

Back to Dollare, Quicksilver has made it to the surface of the planet and amid a room full of gold he faces down the evil Darkbird. Both seem evenly matched fighting mano a mano until Quicksilver gets his heart in the game and lays down a devastating attack, defeating Darkbird. Just as he's about to win though Mon-Star enters the game, sending Quicksilver to his knees. But the rest of the SilverHawks are back too. They arrive ready for action in the nick of time and drive off Mon-Star with a coordinated attack. Lord Cash now freed, thanks the SilverHawks on a job well done.

Learn with the Hawks!
Q1: What do we call the bright yellow star in the center of our Solar System? – 3 Points
Q2: Since planets don't produce their own light, where do our planets get their glow from: the Moon, the Sun, or the Stars? – 5 Points
A1: Sun, A2: Sun
Total Possible Points - 8