Season 1 Episode 2

Journey To Limbo

Aired Unknown Sep 09, 1986 on
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Arriving in the Galaxy of Limbo the SilverHawks meet Commander Stargazer and Tally-Hawk, just as Mon-Star and his minions strike an attack directly against the Hawk Haven Command Center. The newly formed team puts their fledgling skills to the test in an all out battle against the galaxy’s most hardened criminals.moreless

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  • Journey to Limbo really works as part two to the introduction to the SilverHawks series, and like the pilot, is a solid episode on most fronts. Al the players meet and we get some good first confrontations between the heroes and villains. Definitely a sigmoreless

    Journey to Limbo really works as part two to the introduction to the SilverHawks series, and like the pilot, is a solid episode on most fronts. It's amusing how the SilverHawks meet Commander Stargazer and he’s kind of a jerk to them. And although the bad guys really ought to have their act far more together than they obviously do, it was fairly necessary for the heroes to square off against as many of them as possible right away. We got to see a lot of small things in this episode that made it very fun. The rock off between Bluegrass and Melodia, Buzz-saw being apparently blown to bits, Tally-Hawk kicking serious butt, and stuffy old Stargazer reminisce about Chicago and generally act like a hard ass street cop.

    A couple small things that I wondered throughout this episode. Why exactly does Stargazer act like he’s in the middle of a bad film noir? And what’s up with the disheveled 1940s office, and clothing? Why is the exhaust of the Mirage rainbow colored? Why do the SilverHawks perform complex arial formations in space, where there is no atmosphere? Is it just for show? Cause it does look good, I’m just wondering if they really thought that one through…

    Regardless of all those random musings this is a good episode, that plays well to introduce a lot of characters and give most everyone a quick moment or two to shine. The pacing will definitely be better served though when there isn’t so much plot or character introduction to get through. I look forward to future episodes.

Adolph Caesar

Adolph Caesar

Hotwing / Seymour

Bob McFadden

Bob McFadden

Cmdr. Stragazer / Steelwill / Hardware

Doug Preis

Doug Preis

Windhammer / Mo-lec-u-lar

Earl Hammond

Earl Hammond


Larry Kenney

Larry Kenney

Bluegrass / Pokerface

Maggie Wheeler

Maggie Wheeler

Steelheart / Melodia - credited as Maggie Jakobson

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