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  • Partly Metal Partly real cawww.. Silver Hawks

    That show rocked, we used to play Silver hawks when I was little that show is up there with Thunder Cats, Transformers, and G.I. Joe, and a little under He-Man. I was like 7 or 8 when that show was out very good stuff. This was another key cartoon of the 1980's. I believe they even brought it back on Cartoon network, for awhile, along with Thunder Cats. It was a good cartoon when I was a kid, I'm sure it wouldn't be the same now that I'm grown up, but I think my nieces and nephews would like it if it were still on.
  • Loved the mythos of the entire show, a new galaxy monitored by cyborgs and an old warhorse whose just like an old-school detective. Fighting a gang of villians that feel like the old 20's era prohibition mobsters. Sweet.

    As a kid i grew up watching these 80's cartoons. Sure i liked the Thundercats, Comic strip, etc. But the Silverhawks were always top-notch in terms of everything. It had such a glorious setting, an entire galaxy for the characters to play with. The characters themselves were your typical five man team of leader, woman, strong man, cool guy, and kid. But the supporting characters of the show are the ones who really shine. The space cabbie seymour is a personal fave. And the villians were incredibly colorful, from a slot-machine gambling lord, to a snivelling worm-like lackey, to a punk rocker sonic villianess. And of all those 80's learn something shorts at the end of each episode, this one was by far the most informative. With it's learn more about the universe theme, which was way better than all those moral of the story types other shows had. A classic that should be revamped just like TMNT.
  • A really cool show.

    This is perhaps one of the best animated shows ever made. It's so original and the premise is so outstanding. This action adventure driven animation has a compelling plotline and an exciting pace. Each episode features the silverhawks battling the evil mon star and his band of criminals. It's sort of cowboys and indians in outer space. It's an exciting show to watch, it never bores you. It's an exciting show to get caught up with. You don't have to think with the plot that much, you just sit back and relax and let the action unravel itself right in front of you.
  • One of the best cartoons ever!

    SilverHawks was truly underappreciated as it only lasted for one season. It was full of imagination and life and sparked the imagination of children everywhere. It was one of the few cartoons I remember which influenced me enough that I would pretend I was a SilverHawk. Nothing seemed more cool than being able to put your hand down over your face and suddenly have a mask or raise it again, or to put your hands to your side and bring them up and have wings where you can fly.

    It was a classic 80's cartoon with great animation where the good eyes fought against evil foes. It also had quite possibly THE best theme song ever. They need to bring this cartoon back. We need it on DVD!
  • Parts of this show are great, other parts are awful but you learn to love them too. From the eighties school of "makes no sense" Silverhawks! A good show, with a good heart and some painful hallmarks of the era that made it.

    First of all, do not question the science. Or lack of, if you prefer. Half the charm of this show is the blissful ignorance of science in its many forms.

    Once you've done that, Silverhawks is very easy to enjoy. It's a charming, well-meaning little show that tries to convey a nice messages to kids about duty, morals and those kind of things. The stories revolve around a group of "partly metal, partly real" humans that are sent out into the galaxy to help fight a mixed bag of weird criminals (Batman has nothing on these guys in that department).

    The quality varies but the charm usually wins through.
  • The SilverHawks are Quicksilver, Steelheart, Steelwill, the Copper Kid, and Bluegrass. \"Partly metal, partly real,\" they protect the Limbo galaxy from the villainous Mob, headed by the towering Monstar.

    This was one of the better Saturday morning cartoons of the mid-1980s. Action is always exciting. Some of the episodes are actually very well-written with unique, fun ideas.

    Besides looking really cool, the SilverHawks have neat toys and a neat ship, the Mirage. Every villain is an interesting character, and they are the most interesting part of the show. Melodia, a villain that could only exist in the 80s, had wild punk hair and fought the SilverHawks with her keyboard gun. Molecular could change shape. Timestopper could stop time \"for one Limbo minute.\" Windhammer had a tuning fork that could control the weather. The places in Limbo were all interesting and created a believable universe for the show.

    The show\'s weakest point is character development. The characters never change. The good are good and the bad are bad, simply for the sake of being bad. Also, very little is known about the SilverHawks themselves. They are merely heroes in space. They rarely emote and little is known about their past on Earth or, for the Copper Kid, the Planet of the Mimes.

    Also, one thing that always bothered me is that the show ignored the fact that there is no gravity in deep space. If a character were blown from a ship or an asteroid, he or she would fall straight down.

    Typical for an 80s cartoon, the show always ended with a short, educational bit, where Bluegrass quizzed the Copper Kid about facts of the universe.
  • Now it is turn for birds to save the universe.

    Although this show is well done and I enjoyed it very much when I was just a kid, now I find it so unoriginal. The premise is the same as most cartoons those days; a specific group of animals with super powers (Silverhawks where not actually birds but their special suits were designed based on hawks) fights the evil forces of the universe. Haven't we seen this before? Remember the Thundercats, Transformers, The Rex troop, etc. The only Silverhawk I really like, is the cowboy. His favorite weapon is the laser/guitar and he is always carrying it around. Another nice touch is the spacechips on which the bad guys ride , they resemble the cars from the 20s and 30.
  • thundercats in space

    they should have had a cross over episode. i think every episode of this show was a re do of a thundercats episode. it was still a cool show though. i do not remember if i saw every episode or not or even how long the show was on the air.
  • Shocking to see "old school" cartoons still keeping it together. 20 years is a long time!

    I can’t say all the shows from the 80’s were good but this was one that captured and held your attention. I don’t think it could out do the Thundercats but it definitely oust Dinosaucers.

    I stumbled across it one Saturday Morning on local TV – I do not understand why 20 years later in 2006 our local TV station is now bringing out things from way back in the 80’s. I guess they need to fill spots or something…

    I enjoyed it …as shocking as it may seem. I really liked to opening theme. There were instances that seemed utterly ridiculous but after watching this show a couple times it grew on me.