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  • Loved the mythos of the entire show, a new galaxy monitored by cyborgs and an old warhorse whose just like an old-school detective. Fighting a gang of villians that feel like the old 20's era prohibition mobsters. Sweet.

    As a kid i grew up watching these 80's cartoons. Sure i liked the Thundercats, Comic strip, etc. But the Silverhawks were always top-notch in terms of everything. It had such a glorious setting, an entire galaxy for the characters to play with. The characters themselves were your typical five man team of leader, woman, strong man, cool guy, and kid. But the supporting characters of the show are the ones who really shine. The space cabbie seymour is a personal fave. And the villians were incredibly colorful, from a slot-machine gambling lord, to a snivelling worm-like lackey, to a punk rocker sonic villianess. And of all those 80's learn something shorts at the end of each episode, this one was by far the most informative. With it's learn more about the universe theme, which was way better than all those moral of the story types other shows had. A classic that should be revamped just like TMNT.