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  • The SilverHawks are Quicksilver, Steelheart, Steelwill, the Copper Kid, and Bluegrass. \"Partly metal, partly real,\" they protect the Limbo galaxy from the villainous Mob, headed by the towering Monstar.

    This was one of the better Saturday morning cartoons of the mid-1980s. Action is always exciting. Some of the episodes are actually very well-written with unique, fun ideas.

    Besides looking really cool, the SilverHawks have neat toys and a neat ship, the Mirage. Every villain is an interesting character, and they are the most interesting part of the show. Melodia, a villain that could only exist in the 80s, had wild punk hair and fought the SilverHawks with her keyboard gun. Molecular could change shape. Timestopper could stop time \"for one Limbo minute.\" Windhammer had a tuning fork that could control the weather. The places in Limbo were all interesting and created a believable universe for the show.

    The show\'s weakest point is character development. The characters never change. The good are good and the bad are bad, simply for the sake of being bad. Also, very little is known about the SilverHawks themselves. They are merely heroes in space. They rarely emote and little is known about their past on Earth or, for the Copper Kid, the Planet of the Mimes.

    Also, one thing that always bothered me is that the show ignored the fact that there is no gravity in deep space. If a character were blown from a ship or an asteroid, he or she would fall straight down.

    Typical for an 80s cartoon, the show always ended with a short, educational bit, where Bluegrass quizzed the Copper Kid about facts of the universe.