Season 1 Episode 4

Save The Sun

Aired Unknown Sep 11, 1986 on

Episode Recap

Character Appearances: Quicksilver, Steelheart, Steelwill, Copper-Kidd, Bluegrass, Cmdr. Stargazer, Mon-Star, Yessman, Melodia, Buzz-saw, Hardware, Seymour the space cabbie
Other Characters: Professor Power

Locations: Hawk Haven, The Artificial Sun, Brimstar

The SilverHawks are monitoring a refueling process of the giant Artificial Sun of Limbo, but are wary of an attack by Mon-Star's mob. And they have a right to be, Mon-Star has evil designs for the Artificial Sun and its limitless power. When the tanker ship goes behind the Sun, for its docking maneuver, and out of radio contact, the villains make their move. Hijacking the tanker, and the Sun's control tower Hardware, Buzz-saw, and Melodia plan to make off with all the power; literally.

The caretaker of the Artificial Sun, a light-bulb headed Professor Power hopes to stop the miscreants and escapes in a small shuttle pod, just as Hardware and Buzz-saw take out (its implied that they are killed) the freighter crew. Hardware and the mob begin their plans to blow the lines on the space anchor holding the Artificial Sun in place, and we meet Seymour, the hard-luck space cabbie, who stops to pick up Professor Power in his totally ineffectual escape pod. Hey, a fare is a fare, you know what I mean?

Racing to Hawk Haven, Professor Power warns the SilverHawks of the mob's plan just in time to scramble into action. The mob blows away from the space anchor, but the Hawks catch up and a fight ensues. While Melodia takes pot shots at the now launched Hawks with her keyboard guitar, Bluegrass sets off in the Hotseat and prepares to lay down some tunes of his own. The Steel twins take out Buzz-saw with acrobatic ease, and Quicksilver and the Copper-Kidd have a shootout with Hardware. After a truly epic rock off, Bluegrass lassos Melodia into justice and the SilverHawks find that they have rather quickly, won the day. Back at Hawk Haven Professor Power congratulates the team on a job well done, and the Copper-Kidd gets to end this adventure by turning on the Sun.

Learn with the Hawks!
Q1: What is the name of the green colored seventh planet from the Sun? It's found just out from Saturn. – 4 Points
Q2: What is the name of the eighth planet from the Sun? It looks like Uranus and has two satellites. – 4 Points
Q3: What is the name of the ninth planet from the Sun? It is the smallest and usually furthest planet from the Sun. It and it's single satellite Charon form what looks like a double planet. – 3 Points
A1: Uranus, A2: Neptune, A3: Pluto
Total Possible Points - 11

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