SilverHawks - Season 1

(ended 1986)


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  • The Origin Story
    Episode 1

    In the distant future, the Galaxy of Limbo is in trouble. Commander Stargazer reports to Earth Command of a prison break in which the deadly Mon-Star, empowered by the light of the Moonstar, has escaped his confines and now plans to terrorize the galaxy. Mon-Star has freed a group of ruthless villains, and the only hope for Stargazer and the forces of good are a new group of cyborg heroes being assembled on Earth. Flying on wings of silver, and fighting with nerves of steel, these partly metal, party real champions are known as the SilverHawks.moreless

  • Journey To Limbo
    Episode 2

    Arriving in the Galaxy of Limbo the SilverHawks meet Commander Stargazer and Tally-Hawk, just as Mon-Star and his minions strike an attack directly against the Hawk Haven Command Center. The newly formed team puts their fledgling skills to the test in an all out battle against the galaxy’s most hardened criminals.moreless

  • The Planet Eater
    Episode 3

    The SilverHawks are called into action to stop Mon-Star’s Skychomper; a spaceship devouring metallic monstrosity. But Windhammer has other plans for the Hawks, and when the Copper-Kidd is captured in the heart of Mon-Star’s lair the insidious true nature of the Skychomper is revealed. It is feeding the deadly goliath, The Planet Eater. The SilverHawks will have to work together to defeat Windhammer, Hardware, Buzz-saw, and Mon-Star himself in time to save the Copper-Kidd and destroy The Planet Eater.moreless

  • Save The Sun
    Episode 4

    When the artificial sun of Limbo is hijacked during a routine refueling Professor Power calls upon the SilverHawks to stop the menace of Melodia, Hardware, and Buzz-saw before they can win control of the most powerful force in the galaxy.

  • Stop Timestopper
    Episode 5

    Trying to impress Mon-Star into letting him into his gang the reckless teenage criminal Timestopper, with the aid of Mo-lec-u-lar and Mumbo Jumbo, steals a mineload of power crystals from the planet Automata. Now the SilverHawks will need to coordinate their attack to beat the clock and defeat this chronological criminal before their time is up.moreless

  • Darkbird
    Episode 6

    Has Quicksilver gone bad? Or is it the villainous Darkbird, a product of Hardware’s ingenuity and Mon-Star’s will who has kidnapped Lord Cash of the banking world Dollare? Now the real Quicksilver must stand up to his evil doppelganger and fight to protect his tarnished name.

  • The Backroom
    Episode 7

    When Commander Stargazer goes undercover to infiltrate Pokerface’s Casino, he realizes that the most deadly game of all is being played in the infamous Backroom. But Pokerface plays for keeps, and the stakes are raised when Mon-Star starts gambling with the fate of planets. The SilverHawks are forced deal in, but their chances look slim ‘cause at this Casino all the games are rigged.moreless

  • 9/17/86

    Ambassador Dritt of The Triangulons is preparing to sign a historic peace treaty with Earth, Mon-Star however has other plans. He sends the dastardly Mo-lec-u-lar who manages to kidnap the Ambassador and bring him to the heart of Brimstar. Now it’s up to Quicksilver and Bluegrass to stop Mon-Star and his mob, before time runs out and intergalactic war becomes inevitable.moreless

  • Sky-Shadow
    Episode 9

    Frustrated by the constant surveillance of the SilverHawks, Mon-Star gets ahold of a deadly bird, Sky-Shadow. Then after capturing, and analyzing Tally-Hawk the mob is able to create their own cyborg spy bird. Can the SilverHawks stop Mon-Star and his gang before Tally-Hawk’s time is up? Or will the Sky-Shadow destroy them all…moreless

  • Magnetic Attraction
    Episode 10

    While the rest of the Hawks are busy on a mission Stargazer charges Steelheart, and Seymour the space cabbie with transporting the captured criminal Pokerface to the penal colony. Mon-Star has other plans though, and sends Hardware who using his Super Magnetizer weapon to enhance Mumbo Jumbo manages to disrupt the transport, and launch an attack. Steelwill telepathically sensing his sister’s peril, races to her aid. Can the twins stop the mob, destroy the Super Magnetizer and save the day?moreless

  • Gold Shield
    Episode 11

    When Timestopper and Buzz-saw steal a Disintegrator Cannon from Bedlama, the SilverHawks sure have their work cut out for them. Matters only get worse when Mon-Star decides to use the cannon to rip apart Hawk Haven! The SilverHawks’ only hope is the build a Golden Shield (the only known substance the cannon doesn’t work on) then take the fight back to Mon-Star and his mob.moreless

  • 9/23/86

    The mob plans to destroy the Earth with a Mega Missile, and with the SilverHawks all busy the only one who knows about the danger is Commander Stargazer. But Zero the Memory Thief has other plans for Stargazer. It’ll take the full might of the SilverHawks to stop this latest villainy.moreless

  • The Milk Run
    Episode 13
    coming soon.
  • 9/25/86
    StarGazer thinks that the Hawks are not doing enough to stop the mob so he devices a plan to capture Hardware because he thinks that without him, the mob is lost. QuickSilver then orders the Twins to create a trap for Hardware.
  • 9/26/86
    coming soon.
  • Race Against Time
    Episode 16
    In a plot to destroy Hawk Haven, Mon-Star plans "The Great Meteor Race" and sends Hardware and Timestopper to bust out Pokerface from the penal planet so Pokerface can officiate the race and the mob can cash in on Hawk Haven's destruction. Will the Silverhawks be able to save their home or will they finally face defeat?moreless
  • 9/30/86
    To gain control over all of Limbo, Mon-Star orders Windhammer and Hardware to freeze the entire galaxy of Limbo. Will the Silverhawks be able to stop the mob's cold front or will they be iced? Find out on "Silverhawks".
  • The Ghost Ship
    Episode 18
    coming soon.
  • 10/2/86
    coming soon.
  • Fantascreen
    Episode 20

    Hardware creates a fantascreen and with the help of Mo-lec-u-lar lures Steelwill to them. Steelwill is drawn into the fantascreen where he is turned into a mindless zombie and Harware orders him to destroy the Silverhawks. All the Silverhawks are then drawn into the fantascreen except Steelheart when they attempt to rescue Steelwill. Can Steelheart use her mind powers to break the spell that the fantascreen has put over Steelwill or is this the end of the Silverhawks?moreless

  • Hotwing Hits Limbo
    Episode 21

    Mon-Star captures the SilverHawks one at a time and imprisons them. Earth finally sends reenforcements: Hotwing, a former magician and squad-commander. Hotwing infiltrates Mon-Star's fortress with the help of Zeek the Beek and Seymour the cab driver, then they rescues the other SilverHawks.

  • The Bounty Hunter
    Episode 22

    Mon-Star releases Stargazer's sworn enemy The Bounty Hunter from the penal planet. Steelwill, Steelheart, and the Copper Kidd are captured. So Stargazer has to face The Bounty Hunter and save them with only the help of Quicksilver and Bluegrass. But how can he stop someone who feeds on energy?

  • Zeek's Fumble
    Episode 23
    coming soon.
  • The Fighting Hawks
    Episode 24
    coming soon.
  • The Rengade Hero
    Episode 25
    The Mob takes over Bedlama, kidnapping Governor Xandor and replacing him with Mo-Lec-U-Lar and arming it with tanks and missiles enough to defeat the Silverhawks and conquer the galaxy of Limbo. Can the Silverhawks save Xandor and free Bedlama from the Mob's tyranny?
  • One on One
    Episode 26
    In another attempt to destroy the Silverhawks, the Mob makes clones of them.
  • 10/14/86
    To help Mon-Star, Yess-Man joins him in the Transformation chamber but, the effects of the Moonstar of Limbo have an adverse affect on Yess-Man's personality as he tries to take over the Mob. After, Mon-Star takes care of the bandits trying to start a rival mob, Timestopper comes and lets Mon-Star know what's going on. Mon-Star promptly goes and confronts Yess-Man and puts him back in his proper place.moreless
  • 10/15/86
    Halley's Comet is passing through Limbo on a course that should take it past Brimstar. In order to try and defeat the the mob, Bluegrass steers the comet towards Brimstar only to have Melodia steer it towards Bedlama. Can the Silverhawks foil the Mob? Find out on Silverhawks.
  • Limbo Gold Rush
    Episode 29
    The Three Outlaws from Fence (Bandit, Cyclops and Rhino) jump a prospector's claim only to have Melodia jump it from them for Mon-Star. Bluegrass goes undercover but, is thrown down a shaft by Melodia. Can Sideman get the other Silverhawks to save Bluegrass and return the claim to its proper owner? Find out on Silverhawks.moreless
  • Countdown to Zero
    Episode 30
    Automata's computer, Monotone, goes haywire and the Copper Kid is sent to fix her. The Kid is ambushed by Mo-Lec-U-Lar and Zero the Memory Thief with orders from Mon-Star to take control of Automata by draining Monotone's memory banks. The Kid sends his space racer out to find help. Can Hotwing save the Kid and stop the Mob from gaining control of Automata? Find out on Silverhawks.moreless
  • The Amber Amplifier
    Episode 31
    In another attempt to destroy the Silverhawks, Hardware and Mo-Lec-U-Lar steal the Artificial Suns power source' The Amber Amplifier to use as a weapon against the Silverhawks. Can the Silverhawks stop the mob and return the Amber Amplifier to Professor Power? Find out on Silverhawks.
  • The Saviour Stone
    Episode 32
    The Mob rob the mail ship of Limbo on a tip from Grod the informer of a rock that he says is worth a lot. After, Hardware's analysis and determination that it is worthless, Mon-Star promptly ejects Grod and the rock into deep space. Only to find out later from Mo-Lec-U-Lar that the rock is priceless because it is the only thing that can save planet Earth from catastrophe. Can the Silverhawks get the rock back and save the Earth in time? Find out on Silverhawks.moreless
  • Smiley
    Episode 33
    coming soon.
  • Gotbucks
    Episode 34
    Lord Cash hires Gotbucks as Dolar's new security chief. The Mob kidnaps Gotbucks in an attempt to rob Dolar of all Limbo's money. Can the Silverhawks save Gotbucks and prevent the great bank robbery? Find out on Silverhawks?
  • 10/24/86
    coming soon.
  • Tally-Hawk Returns
    Episode 36
    In another attempt to destroy the Silverhawks, the Mob steals Tally-Hawk's controller from Quicksilver.
  • Undercover
    Episode 37
    coming soon.
  • Eye of Infinity
    Episode 38
    coming soon.
  • 10/30/86
    Mon-Star attempts to extort Bedlama's treasury by threatening to blow up Lake Luster Dam.
  • Flashback
    Episode 40
    A Silverhawk from the future named Flashback goes back in time to prevent the Silverhawks destruction at the hands of the mob.
  • Super Birds
    Episode 41
    The Mob builds a giant Sky-Shadow to defeat the Silverhawks but, is defeated by a giant Tally Hawk courtesy of Professor Power and the Amber Amplifier.
  • The Blue Door
    Episode 42
    While Mo-Lec-U-Lar disguises himself as Mon-Star and leads the rest of the mob on an all-out raid on Dolar, the real Mon-Star and Hardware plot to take out Commander Stargazer by blowing up Hawk Haven's Power Room.
  • The Star of Bedlama
    Episode 43
    coming soon.
  • The Illusionist
    Episode 44
    Mon-Star puts Hotwing under the spell of the Lightstar in order to destroy the Silverhawks.
  • 11/7/86
    The Bounty Hunter escapes from the Penal Planet and seeks to get his revenge against the Silverhawks. It is up to Hotwing to save the Silverhawks from the Bounty Hunter's wrath.
  • The Chase
    Episode 46
    Lord Cash entrusts a new vault key to the Silverhawks for safe keeping. Mo-Lec-U-Lar leads Steelwill on a wild goose chase around Limbo but, Steelwill tricks Mo-Lec-U-lar with a disguise of his own to get the key back.
  • Switch
    Episode 47
    Quicksilver, Bluegrass and the Steel Twins encounter a space cyclone that has a reversing effect and turn evil. They land in the Penal Planet after robbing Dolar and once the effects of the space cyclone wear off, must be rescued by Copper Kid to redeem themselves and stop the Mob from destroying Hawk Haven.moreless
  • Junkyard Dog
    Episode 48
    coming soon.
  • Window in Time
    Episode 49

    When Hardware accidently finds a window in time he travels back in time to before the Silverhawks left Earth for the galaxy of Limbo.Flashback follows him and trys to stop him from sabotaging the Mirage and stopping the Silverhawks from reaching Limbo. But can he do it in time?

  • Gangwar, Part 1
    Episode 50
    coming soon.
  • Gangwar, Part 2
    Episode 51
    coming soon.
  • 11/18/86
    coming soon.
  • 11/19/86
    coming soon.
  • Moon*Star
    Episode 54
    In order to keep Mon-Star from obtaining a piece of the Moonstar, Flashback and his fighting hawk Backlash go back in time to try and prevent Pokerface from giving it to Mon-Star. They must go back in time again to face supercharged Mon-Star this time with the help of the Copper Kid.moreless
  • 11/21/86
    After Zeek and Seymour have a falling out, Hardware hires him as the Mob's limo driver only with the plan for Zeek to be used as a pawn to destroy the Silverhawks with a diamond stick pin bomb Hardware gives him.
  • Burnout
    Episode 56
    coming soon.
  • Battle Cruiser
    Episode 57
    The Mob steals weapons from the Silverhawks vehicles to arm a battle cruiser in a plan to take over Earth's mob. It is up to new Silverhawks Condor and Moonstryker to stop them.
  • Small World
    Episode 58
    Hardware shrinks Automata in an attempt to take it past the Light Year Limit to change its function so as to make all the money the Mob wants. It is up to Hotwing, Flashback, Condor and Moonstryker to stop them.
  • Match-Up
    Episode 59
    coming soon.
  • Stargazer's Refit
    Episode 60
    Mon-Star orders Mo-Lec-U-Lar to take out Commander Stargazer with Meltdown Disks. After his arm is enjured in Mo-Lec-U-Lar"s first attack, Stargazer is ordered back to Earth for a repair and refit.
  • 12/1/86
    Hardware builds a Laser Satellite that is invisible in Limbo's artificial sun. While testing booster rockets he attached to the Hot Seat, Copper Kid crash lands on Brimstar and is placed inside the satellite with the hopes of destroying him on the Mob's mind. The Mob plans to use Laser Satellite to conquer Bedlama. Can Moonstryker and Flashback save the Copper Kid and destroy the satellite? Find out on Silverhawks.moreless
  • 12/2/86
    Hardware rebuilds the giant Sky Shadow with the intent of towing it to Brimstar for the biggest jailbreak and mob recruitment Limbo has ever seen. It is up to Flashback and Hotwing in a giant Tallyhawk to stop them.
  • Uncle Rattler
    Episode 63
    The Rattler, an old adversary of Condor's and Yess-Man"s uncle rips off the mob during a heist of the Silverhawks payroll shipment. Mon-Star goes after him as Condor and Moonstryker attempt to bring Rattler in.
  • Zeek's Power
    Episode 64
    Zeek steals Hotwing's powers from the orb sent from Earth to recharge them.
  • Airshow
    Episode 65
    In the series finale, what starts out as an air show for the Bedlama Independence Day celebration turns into an all-out battle royal between the Silverhawks and the Mob.