Season 1 Episode 1

The Origin Story

Aired Unknown Sep 08, 1986 on

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  • A solid opening episode to a very cool and somewhat elaborate sci fi show. Origins are tricky, and while a lot of this episode is set up for the next it still does a good job balancing plot and sweet SilverHawk action.

    A solid opening episode to a very cool and elaborate show. That’s not to say that the episodes themselves have any more depth than say your average Thundercats episode, but SilverHawks sports a fairly complex sci fi set up. And even though this episode only really introduces us to the characters and story arc that is followed up by the next episode, Journey to Limbo we need The Origin Story to necessarily give us that set up.

    I liked the small additions to the dialogue that can pay out later in the series: Steelheart and Steelwill both having inorganic hearts, Bluegress’ mysterious history as an army Colonel, and Jonathan Quick being the former head of Federal Interplanetary Force 8 all lead to intriguing possible storylines. I wonder also about the nature of our society in the 29th century. Humans seem to share Earth with a multitude of alien species, a la Star Trek, but, its implied at least, that we still don’t know how to transport people long distances faster than light. If that’s the case why exactly are we policing some random outer galaxy? I mean who cares about the Galaxy of Limbo? So what if Mon-Star wants to rule, why exactly is that our problem?

    Finally although I truly love the characters, and their design, what’s up with the Copper-Kidd? The planet of the Mimes??? That’s kind of stupid sounding. And if he’s such a mathematical genius, why does he need basic astro-navigational lessons from Bluegrass? Is he really just a kid? If so, why was he even chosen for this mission?

    Maybe I shouldn’t be reading too much into the story here. It’s a cartoon after all, and a really fine one at that. SilverHawks has exactly what I want out of a cartoon. And while origin episodes are always tricky, SilverHawks does a fine job balancing a lot of information with a decent amount of action.